10 Cool Facts About Me!

Hello Divas!

I hope your Thursday is warm and cozy! I am working hard today, but I really just want to grab my blanket, luxe baby and curl up on the couch! With a cup of Tea of course. I am participating in 15 day of Marketing provided by Jessica Knows. Jessica is an internet sensation and she is sharing her tricks of the trade with us newbies. She told us to provide “unknown” or fun facts about ourselves that our readers did not know. Well here goes my 10 facts! Enjoy!

1. I do a very good impression of Micheal Jackson’s dance moves. It is a favorite at family gatherings. Just put on Billy Jean or Beat It!

2. I am a beach bum. I loooooooove the beach. Although, I have brown skin, I go through a routine of using a very good body scrub to exfoliate. Bath and Body Works’ Body Sugar Srubs are great for this purpose. I also apply a good sunscreen and tanning oil. I have discovered that my skin is luminous when tanned. Plus I use the sand to give myself a thorough foot massage. Heaven!

3. I was a cheerleader in high school and I can still do a cartwheel and a round-off.

4. My favorite food hands down is ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Money is my favorite!

5. Previously, I was a track star. I was pretty good at the 330 Hurdles.

6. I love San Francisco. I wish I could move there, but it is waaaayy too expensive.

7. I love singing and dancing with my son. We both are fun, loving, spontaneous, and happy people.

8. I wish I was 5″10. All of my siblings are tall. Now I am not short. I am 5″7, but my dad is 6’5. I feel like I was cheated.

9. My absolute favorite drink is Champagne. Those who know me know how snobbish I am when it comes to Champagne. Although, I have tried just about every brand inexpensive and expensive, Moet & Chandon is my absolute fav!

10. My dream job or career is to be a Sportscaster. I love sports. I love people. I present well. FOX, CBS, or ESPN PLEASE CALL ME! GIVE ME A SHOT!

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6 Responses to “10 Cool Facts About Me!”

  1. A sportscaster? Girl you better start following some of those stations on twitter and put it out there.

  2. To Renee:

    You are right! I am doing that now. LOL!

  3. wow you are super athletic missy, glad to know more about yah 🙂

  4. Chunky Monkey is one of my favs too!!! lol.

    Thx for the nice comments on my blog =) I actually got the template for free at pyzam.com. They have tons of blogger templates, check em out! =)

  5. I’m very jealous you were a track star and have moves like Micheal Jackson. Good luck with the marketing course, you’re off to a good start.

  6. Loved reading these! I’m w/ you on #3, #5 & #6- I was a cheerleader and ran on a state winning track team (IN)- and I think the Bay Area is the most beautiful part of the country- I love San Francisco too! 🙂

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