12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas! Day One: Radiant Skin!

12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas! Day One: Radiant Skin!

Hello Divas!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I love Christmas! I love decorating, baking cookies with my kids, and Christmas shopping! I love the holidays!

Many bloggers are doing 12 days of Christmas posts and many of my beauty blogging friends are doing 12 days of beauty. Well I thought it would be fun to do 12 days of Luxetips (before Christmas) posts! My theme? Get luxe and fab for Christmas Day!

On Day 1, I recommend achieving radiant and beautiful skin so you can glow, glow, glow on the big day! Here are my luxetips for radiant skin:

1. Give yourself a mini-facial starting this week and next week. My girl, Mischo Beauty, hipped me to weekly mini-facials last summer. I mostly use Lumene products for my weekly mini-facials. My routine is as follows: I use a mild cleanser, toner, Lumene’s ARCTIC TOUCH Clarifying Mineral Peeling (makes my skin as smooth as a baby’s!), and Lumene’s ARCTIC TOUCH Deep Cleansing Peat Mask.

2. I also recommend using a nightly intensive skin cream to reverse aging, clear blemishes, and achieve radiant skin. I have been hearing rave reviews about Avon’s ANEW ULTIMATE Night Gold Emulsion cream. Women swear that after only 2 weeks of using this product, their skin is plumper, blemish free, and radiant. I have a jar and I am going to start using it tonight! I can’t wait to share the results!

So Divas work on radiant skin for Christmas! We all need to look gorgeous in those Christmas pics!


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