12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas! Day Six: Signature Holiday Scent!

12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas! Day Six: Signature Holiday Scent!

Hello Divas!

Did you have a fantabulous week? I certainly did. I scored some Christmas gifts for Luxe Baby and I am thrilled!

I have to apologize because I labeled yesterday’s post as Day 4 when it was Actually Day 5. Ooops! I am getting my days mixed up.

During the holidays there are always tons of parties and family gatherings to attend. Us Divas must look pretty and smell good during these soirees! I love a good scent to wear during the holidays. A scent that will turn heads or cause someone to give you a nice compliment is always nice.

I have found such a scent in the Tocca line of fine fragrances. Simply put Tocca Eau de parfums are outstanding. The scents are exotic yet unique. I really have not smelled anything like them. Seriously. Finding a unique fragrance is always refreshing! Tocca is an American based company with an international following. It is luxe, unique, and feminine. The beauty line includes several fragrances named after iconic women. There is Brigitte, (after Brigette Bardot), Cleopatra, Florence and Stella. I am in love with Brigitte. This is certainly a head turning fragrance. Plus the bottle is GORGEOUS! Love it!

You can purchase Tocca parfums at any Sephora.

What fragrance do you love to wear during the holidays?

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