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Hello Divas! I hope your Monday is awesome! We all want to know if a product works before we spend our hard earned money. Check out this list of anti-aging products that do not live up to the hype. Toodles! 14 Products That Won’t Keep Your Skin Young Skincare addicts…

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Best Drugstore Finds!

Hello Divas! Considering these tough economic times, we are all on a budget. Check out these fabulous drugstore beauty finds for less! 20 Best Drugstore Buys Save money with cheaper (but just as effective) beauty products! Aiming to improve your look and cut your budget? Do it wisely with honest…

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Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

Hello Divas! Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day! Ladies I know most of you are getting ready for the big day! Today I am going to the hair and nail salon! Whoohoo! In celebration of this all important holiday, here a few must haves every Diva should have on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy! 1….

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