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Luxetips Travel: The Del Coronado Resort 4th of July Celebration

Hello Divas: Life is good. Despite the ups and downs, find beauty in it. My favorite West Coast luxury hotel has an exciting list of activities leading up to 4th of July weekend.   I know I talk about The Del Coronado Resort a lot, but I am telling you…

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Luxetips Automobiles: Ford Makes Sure Our Sunnies Ride In Style

Hello Divas: I hope you are having a good day. Ford Engineers appreciate our obsession with Sunglasses.  In fact, when designing the 2013 Ford Fusion, the engineers evaluated and modeled more than 100 pairs of sunglasses to make sure 95% of any shades style or design fit in the overhead shade compartment.  Yep…

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Luxetips Beauty: L’Occitane Angelica Free Facial Event

Hello Divas: I always speak about being thankful for what you have, but it is true.  It is a true gateway to more blessings. Recently, luxe baby and I attended the Angelica event, introducing L’Occitane’s newest skin care line.  At this event, L’Occitane was giving free facials and goody bags….

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Luxetips Beauty: LaVanilla Vanilla Summer Fragrance

Hello Divas: Truth always prevails. I am a big fan of Lavanilla products.  I am a fan of their Lavanilla perfumes mixed with coconut and grapefruit and their healthy all natural deodorant with a beautiful vanilla and grapefruit scent. For Summer 2012 Lavanilla introduced Limited Edition “Vanilla Summer” eau de…

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Luxetips Style: Vintage Structured Clutch from Value Village Thrift Stores

Hello Divas: I was telling this story on Twitter about how my Mom and Aunt would take us kids to the thrift store to buy clothes. They both had 5 kids each and they would force us to go thrifting to get school clothes.  We hated it.  But guess what?…

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