Luxetips Style! Stylish Pet Clothing: Keep Your Pet Stylish For The Holidays!

Luxetips Style! Stylish Pet Clothing: Keep Your Pet Stylish For The Holidays!

Hello Divas!

Its been awhile but we are back! The holidays are here and we have plenty of “Luxetips” to share with you during the holiday season!

i know you Divas love your pets! Why not make sure they are cute and fashionable during the holidays! Check it out!

If we can be fashionable, who says our pets can’t as well? Our animal friends like to go where we go, and even celebrities, who are constantly attacked by photographers, use their fur babies as fashion accessories. We tend to spend our paychecks on our pet’s wardrobe instead of our own (or is that just me and everyone at
Here are some of the best clothing brands for your fashion-forward furball.

1. Animal-lover Ellen DeGeneres has her own dog and cat clothes label, which you can find at PetSmart. It has everything from bandanas, collars, and even colognes. One of my favorite choices is the bandana and bowtie cat collar. The collar comes with a bell, and your kitty will definitely rock the polka dots.


2. Target helps you get into the holiday spirit with animal sweaters and hats, all for reasonable prices. There’s also a stylish selection of Halloween costumes for all sizes, but if you don’t want to wait until next fall, I recommend throwing a costume party. Might I suggest a superhero theme?


3. Urban Pup allows you the option of creating your own clothing, from the color to the slogan, which is great for those who have pets that are particularly picky about what they wear. After all, with a keen eye, you can DIY!


4. Did you know Ralph Lauren has its own line of pet clothing? You should start saving now, as some of the cashmere sweaters will cost you a whopping $200. For more designer clothing, you can search the pet section of Saks Fifth Avenue, where you can buy sweaters, vests, leashes, and dog collars.


5. There are plenty of clothing options for your non-canine and feline friends too. For example, meet celebrity siblings Priscilla and Poppleton Pig. Amazon also sells plenty of accessories for rodents, like mice, rabbits, and chinchillas. There’s even an Etsy artist who crochets cozies for tortoises so that you can spot them in your yard. Always in style is the minion costume.


Some pets take pride in their fashion and want to look their best while on the job. It’s up to us to help them pick out the best accessories for their body shape.




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