Luxetips Travel! 9 Things You Can Not Miss When Visiting St. Lucia!

Luxetips Travel! 9 Things You Can Not Miss When Visiting St. Lucia!

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St. Lucia is an island I have always dreamed of visiting.  It is so beautiful and from what I hear, a great R&R vacation destination.  Check out this article on 9 things you must do when visiting St. Lucia.  I can’t wait to get there!

St. Lucia is an island in the middle of the Lesser Antilles. A peculiar detail about St. Lucia is that it’s a volcanic island, but that does not stop it from being one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Caribbean. It hosts jungles and rainforests, tall mountain peaks, and rugged coastlines, and pristine nature that waits be to be explored. St. Lucia’s location is unique, it’s considered a premier destination for adventures and adrenalin-fused activities. It’s not that you can’t visit the island for some rest and relaxation, but that’s not its focus.

One of the most fascinating aspect of St. Lucia is its unique blend of culture and history. Because of different people arriving and living on the island, and in different times, the traditions and cuisines are varied and have since meshed in the modern culture of St. Lucia. There’s something to see in just about every part of the island, whether it’s hiking the mountains, exploring the castles, or visiting the volcano.

Organizing a stay in the island is pretty easy and straightforward. There are plenty of options for hotels and resorts, but if you prefer something more homely, renting a villa in St. Lucia can be an excellent option.

Experiencing the entirety of St. Lucia can be amazing, so here are a few examples of activities.

 Stroll along Vigie Beach

This is an example of a pretty unusual beach by modern standards. Unlike most other beaches in the world, on this one you’ll be hard pressed to find a gift shop or a restaurant. That’s because there aren’t any. That’s why it’s considered one of the most serene places you can visit on St. Lucia.

Be romantic on Anse Chastanet

The acclaimed architect Nick Troubetzkoy is the designer behind the Anse Chastanet, a spot that’s widely considered the most romantic place in the entire Caribbean. Beside candlelit dinners, visitors enjoy sweeping views of natural scenery, as well the UNESCO protected Pitons.

Explore the Gros Piton

A volcanic site that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Gros Piton is a mountain that’s often climbed by both locals and visitors alike. Since it’s not especially tall, it can be climbed in less than a day, but the volcanic summit allows for some breathtaking views of the entire Soufirere Bay. Because of warm climate, it can be visited and enjoyed throughout the entire year, and it’s highly recommended by anyone that’s ever climbed it.

Examine the history in Morne Fortune

Above the city of Castries you can find Morne Fortune. It’s an old fort from colonial times, and it represents the bloody history of the island. This stronghold was originally built by the British, and was later taken by the French. Since then it has seen its share of conflict by the factions that vied for power and control in the region. Today it’s the home to old artillery and ruined gun houses, as well a chilling memorial to the 27th Inniskilling Regiment.

See the Sulphur Springs

The Sulphur Springs are a very unique location that you can visit in St. Lucia. They’re volcanic leftovers that spew smoke and ash, and visitors can see them from up close. Bathing is impossible in the springs, though, since the temperatures are about 200°C, but exploring the springs and the region is easy because they’re connect with roadways from the ridges and the jungle.

Bathe in the mud pools

A perfect place to simply relax. They’re pools of mud that are formed by trickling down from the volcanic opening, and have been used since the French colonial times. Nowadays, they’re modernized, and there are separate baths with changing rooms and showers. Because they’re considered a place for healing, many visitors often come to these famous mud baths to cure tension. The temperatures in the mud baths can reach 38°C but you can also relax in add-on pools that are right next to the mud baths.

Have a tour in the Botanical Gardens

When the French controlled the island in Colonial Times, the King of France Louis XIV sanctioned the construction of Soufriere Estate. A large part of the estate were tropical rainforest that was carefully organized into a lush expanse of unparalleled natural beauty. The original Soufriere Estate was around 2000 acres, but even though the modern site isn’t as large, it’s still comprised of that same beauty. Orchids, hibiscus, ferns, and all sorts of flowers and plants are maintained here today, in what’s considered one of the most beautiful places in that part of the world.

Hike in the rainforests

On every part of the island there’s a perfect hiking trail. Gros Piton may be its most famous, but there are many other that are in excellent condition. The paths on Frigate Island is a great example, or the Barre de L’isle rain forest. Because the nature is pretty much untouched by man, and the pristine beauty of the island has captivated many visitors, there are constant hiking trips being organized all the time.

Have a blast at the food festivals

St. Lucia yearly hosts a few festivals that can hardly be matched. They last from a few days up to a week, and they’ve been known as some of the finest and most fun activities you can have on the island. Some of the festivals are organized by two rival historical organizations, and they compete for who has the best food on the island. There are constant parties during the festivals, and due to the rich cultural tapestry the island has, the food is varied and amazing.

St. Lucia sounds amazing!  It is on my list of places to visit this year.  Have you ever been there?  If so, leave a comment and let me know some of your tips.



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