A Fight for Life: Haiti!

A Fight for Life: Haiti!

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Usually it is Fun Fridays and I was going to gush about NARS new duo eye shadows but I have to urge all of my readers and visitors to fight for Haiti.  As you know, the country suffered a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake and the country’s infrastructure has been completely devastated.  Tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and the hospitals are either destroyed or the few left are operating at full capacity.  We have all seen the images of children either dead or wandering the streets looking for their parents.  Devastating.

Haiti needs our help.  We have to do what we can to help this country that needs us so desperately.  Donate money, food, water, clothing, shoes whatever you can afford and in your budget.  Even if you can only donate $1, that is fine.  If 1 million people donate $1 that is 1 million dollars.  These dollars can get the medicine, food, water and resources needed to get Haiti through this devastating time.

There are several reputable organizations you can donate to that are providing immediate relief to Haiti.  They are:

American Red Cross

Yele Haiti


Doctors Without Borders

There are dozens of more organizations that need our donations.  Please click here to get a full list.

Remember, whatever you can give, is enough. 

God Bless Haiti.

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