A Reason For A Hat: Christine A Moore Hats

A Reason For A Hat: Christine A Moore Hats

Every year, I say that I am going to go to the Derby. I mean The Derby, i.e. the Kentucky Derby; and without fail, I am found here in ATL. This year, I have decided to be a little more realistic, I would like to go to the Atlanta Steeple Chase. Why? For no other reason other than the fact that I want to wear a fabulous flouncey hat and a pretty halter dress. No other reason. I am sure that the Steeple Chase is very exciting and that the horses are pretty, but I just want a reason to dress up like a lady. I would even wear gloves. While I was looking for additional chartreuse items (stay tuned for more on chartreuse) I ran across this adorable chartreuse full-brimmed hat with an aqua shantung silk bow by Christine A Moore for $345.00. Kudos Christine for making something both fun and flirty.  You may not be going to the Steeple Chase, but if you are looking for your Easter hat this is your place. You can find the the hat below and many other fabulous finds at www.MarisaCollections.com.

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  1. Everyone over the age of 30 should have a fabulous hat like this – you just never know when you’ll be invited to an event that calls for it . . . an English wedding, The Kentucky Derby or spending the day at the beach in the Hamptons. I’m definitely going to check out this milliner. Thanks for sharing!

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