Accessories: The Belts Have It!

Accessories: The Belts Have It!

Hello Divas!

I realized that I have been discussing make-up so much on my blog that I have neglected to discuss fashion. My new fashion indulgence is belts. I am loving this fall trend. Now I usually do not wear belts. For some reason I never really got into it. But considering the wide variety of beautiful belts for this season, I must partake in wearing this fun accessory. I love the fact that you can pair a belt (skinny, medium, and wide) with cardigans, dresses, and bulky sweaters. Check out my must have belts for this fall!


1. Skinny Yellow Patent Leather Belt. This belt is too cute! You can pair this with a cardigan or with a dress. Also the yellow color is a nice pop to a neutral color outfit. You can purchase this belt here or at Target. It retails for $9.99.

2. Wide Basketweave Belt. I love this wide belt! It is just fantastic!
You can pair this with a dress or bulky sweater. And this belt is only $8.80! You can purchase it online here or at Forever 21.

3. Medium Gold Sash Belt. This belt is a nice metallic gold color and it can pretty much go with anything. I love the texture of this belt!
You can purchase it here online or visit a Francesca’s Boutique near you. It retails for $18.00

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