Achieve Clean and Moisturized Skin with 3Lab’s Perfect Cleansing Foam

Achieve Clean and Moisturized Skin with 3Lab’s Perfect Cleansing Foam

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I hope your day is wonderful! It is so pretty here in Atlanta.  I hope it lasts!

Remember my post on BeautyFix?  Well they sent me out a BeautyFix subscription of their Spring Collection.  I was able to choose the products I received from a variety of “hot” beauty items and I chose a 3LAB Perfect Cleansing Foam and 3LAB “M” Cream.  More on the  “M” Cream later.

I have been using the Cleanser for a month now and I absolutely love it.  The best feature of this cleanser is that you only need a small pea size amount to get the absolute richest and creamiest lather.  Genius!  I know the cleanser will last a very long time and that makes me feel better about the $40 price tag.  If it lasts me 6 months, then I will definitely buy another tube. The Perfect Cleansing Foam is very gentle.  It is not irritating and my skin is so soft and moisturized after use.  For someone who has sensitive skin, this is my perfect type of cleanser.  The one thing I do not like about the cleanser is that it burns my eyes.  So please follow the instructions and DO NOT get the cleanser into your eyes.  Not pretty.

3LAB’s Perfect Cleansing Foam is formulated with tiny Vitamin-E microbeads and when the cleanser is massaged on your face in a circular motion, the beads help to stimulate circulation.

This cleanser is great and my skin loves it!  You can purchase a tube of this cleanser here or at any Nordstrom’s.


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