Alternative Astringent: Listerine

Alternative Astringent: Listerine

Hello Divas!

I hope your are having a beautiful Monday! It has been raining for 72 hours in Atlanta, but rain is good. We need it! Well ladies it is official, we are in a recession. But a recession should not stop us from maintaining our beauty routine. There are tons of products that we use on a daily basis that can double as a beauty product or remedy. What a way to save money! One such product is Listerine. Yes Listerine. Years ago, I read that a Supermodel used Listerine as an Astringent. She said it thoroughly removed any excess make-up and dirt and it did not dry out her skin. Well being the true beauty junkie that I am, I had to try it. Plus back then, I was a broke law student, so it was ALL GOOD! So I purchased the original Listerine (not the flavored variety) and after cleansing my face, used it as a toner. The Listerine removed tons of dirt and make-up and it left my face feeling refreshed and tingly! Plus it does not dry out my skin! In my opinion, Listerine is the best mouthwash and an awesome astringent! Boy I love a two for one deal! Listerine retails for $5.29 for a 16.7 fluid ounce bottle. You can purchase it at CVS!


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