An Evening with the Sartorialist

An Evening with the Sartorialist
Hello Divas!
I hope life has been good to you!  I apologize for the silence on this blog.  We are moving over to another platform and we will have a banging new design.  So the blog has been a little wonky lately, but please bear with us during this transition.
Check out what me and Chamele did last night! It was incredible!
Luxe Diva and Chamele had a chance to attend a lecture given by Scott Schuman of the “Sartorialist.” The famed blog began in 2005 when Scott Schuman left his financial background to pursue the thing to which he had already devoted an enormous amount of time and energy- fashion. The famed blogger gave some key points regarding how to approach a career in fashion. Lucky for you, I took notes. Here’s the Cliff’s version:
1. Learn how to learn- the Sartorialist suggest learning new things for the sake of one’s own edification. Education does not always mean getting a degree, but often taking the initiative to read a book, take a class, or studying under another person. The Sartorialist himself took a photography class, thinking he would learn how to use his camera, and coincidentally wound up learning how to print pictures. A coincidence that worked in his favor.
2. Self-Aware- Knowing what you like and don’t like as well as knowing what you are good at and how you define success are key components what the Sartorialist considers self-awareness. If you don’t like spending time with yourself like he does, you should definitely put that on your to do list. “Spend time with self.” Check.
3. Find the Romance- using examples of Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, the Sartorialist demonstrated how creating romance also creates intrigue and a recognizable brand identity. Ralph Lauren used luxurious decorative interiors and fragrant aromas to attract consumers.
4. Media is Cheap- In the day and age of Facebook and Twitter, self-promotion is as easy as the click of a mouse. The Sartorialist suggested utilizing the growing technological trends as a means of  marketing. This are free forms of communication and marketing that make products and information accessible.
5. Dialogue not Monologue- The Sartorialist touched on several points throughout the lecture that spoke to this tenet. Mainly, when blogging the discussion should not be one-sided. Allow the readers/ viewers of your work to form their own opinions by not inundating them with your opinion. He also suggested having conversations with bloggers not merely allowing them to post comments, but also responding to them and posing questions to them. 
6.Brand Yourself- the Sartorialist suggested creating a strong identity by consistently presenting a recognizable and high-quality style. For photographers or bloggers that means having a consistent visual image rather than using many different pictures taken from other sites. He suggested “Brand You,” as light reading material. I was pretty sure I had it somewhere on my bookshelf, and after a frantic search, realized that it was still on my Amazon Branding Wishlist. Sigh.
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  1. Sounds like a great evening! Who wrote Brand You that Scott recommended?

  2. @Kim Tom Peters. It sounds fascinating!

  3. ! LOVING this set! I’m looking forward to spending some down time after An Evening with the Sartorialist reading and in some cases rereading some of his work. Love what you put together!
    I just started following you

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