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Luxetips Style! Ross Stores:  Already On Top of the Statement Sleeve Tops

Luxetips Style! Ross Stores: Already On Top of the Statement Sleeve Tops


I’m back!!!

Yep! Chamele is back for weekly guest posts with the Luxe Community, and 2017 promises bigger and better things. I have missed ya’ll. I know it’s been quite some time, and we have all seen some changes. Chameleon Toddler is going to Pre-K. Chameleon Baby is 3 lbs heavier than Chameleon Toddler and equally as articulate. Our family is bigger in some ways and smaller in others, but Chamele is always and will always be a part of the Luxe Community.  Despite some challenges (social media and email hacks) no one and nothing will keep me from my first true love, writing.  ÞSo “Cheers” to Luxe Diva, Luxe Tips, and a new year full of exciting opportunities with the Luxe Community.

There are a million things for us to catch up on, especially the jaw-dropping numbers from the Oscars, but I have a bit of Spring Fever and there are some things that I’ve been crushing on. So, what’s on the top of my Luxe Lust List? The very thing that has been both on the runways and the talk of street style i.e. see statement sleeves. The trend has even been coupled with last season’s off-shoulder trend for an even more dramatic and inviting effect (great date night option, now for the date…) There have been several styles of embellished sleeves that have appeared during Fashion Week, but the bell sleeves have been the most ubiquitous. I know… some of you will skip the trend thinking it is too gaudy, but the size and type of embellishment is totally up to you and there have been a range of styles and embellishments at some affordable prices.

While looking for end-of- the- season deals at Ross for the Chameleon Brothers (formerly known as Chameleon Baby and Chameleon Toddler…also known as the Knievel brothers), I saw a slightly less intimidating version with small bell sleeves. And you know me, I managed to happen across an off shoulder/ cold shoulder number with large sleeves. It wasn’t my size, but I couldn’t help myself and tried it on anyway. The pieces are 11.99 and 9.99 respectively at Ross.