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Luxetips! No Mas Cantina Shop And Dine: Eclectic Luxe!

Luxetips! No Mas Cantina Shop And Dine: Eclectic Luxe!

Hello Divas!

There is power in writing down your goals or dreams.  Write them down and watch them manifest!

Divas I have a new hang out spot that I absolutely love! 


No Mas Cantina Shop and Dine in historic Castelberry Hill section of Atlanta is a gorgeous Cantina Restaurant and cafe serving classic Mexican favorites & house specialties.  They also boast the Hacienda Showroom with an amazing collection of artistic creations from over 350 artisans in Mexico. And to top it off, they have a private tequila tasting room showcasing the best tequilas in the world.


About 8 years ago, I visited No Mas Cantina restaurant and the food was very good.  However, I did not know the restaurant also had a cafe and Artisan Marketplace attached as part of the No Mas concept.  Since my new discovery, I have been having breakfast in the cafe and checking out the super fabulous marketplace for cool eclectic goods.

Needless to say, I am in heaven.


Adios cafe serves delicious classic Mexican breakfast and the absolute best Mexican coffee, expresso and hot chocolate.  While having breakfast or coffee, I can sit in the cafe and work (free-wifi).  The environment is peaceful and gorgeous!  It is a nice change of scenery.

IMG_4574 IMG_4575

But my favorite part of the No Mas concept is the Artisan Marketplace.


They have AMAZING goods from over 350 artisans in Mexico.  They have furniture, house ware, art, jewelry, and clothing. Love it!

Check out the pictures!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender  

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender IMG_4583   

This place is amazing and a must visit if you live in Atlanta or coming to Atlanta soon.  

No Mas Cantina Shop & Dine is located at:

Walker St SW  Atlanta, GA 30313


Luxetips Automobiles! New Lotus 3-Eleven: The Ultimate in Luxury & Speed

Luxetips Automobiles! New Lotus 3-Eleven: The Ultimate in Luxury & Speed

Hello Divas!

When your day starts off badly, take a moment and a deep breath then make a conscience decision to make the day beautiful! Happiness is a choice!


Lotus is introducing their fastest sports car to date.


The new Lotos 3- Eleven boasts 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and 0-100 mph in 6.0 seconds.  

With the standard lightweight carbon composite bodywork, the Lotus 3-Eleven has a dry weight of 890 kg and maximum power of 460 hp (Race version). It has an enviable power to weight ratio of 517 hp per tonne, and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 180 mph (290 km/h).


The Road version (my kind of version) with a dry weight of 925 kg and a maximum power of 410 hp reaches 60 mph in 3.3 seconds before reaching a top speed of 174 mph (280 km/h). Wowza!  Powerful yet street legal. 


The 3-Eleven will soon be entering production with deliveries of cars to customers from March 2016 onwards. The 3-Eleven will be an exclusive car with a total production run limited to 311 vehicles. 


Prices start at £82,500 for the Road version (including VAT and on the road costs)  The 3-Eleven will be sold in all markets as a Race car and in Europe and Asia as a Road car.


This car sounds absolutely insane!  I would love to get my hands on it and take it around the track.  I have admired Lotus cars for quite some time and this one is a beauty! 


Luxetips Style! Annual 50% Stuart Weitzman Boot Sale

Luxetips Style! Annual 50% Stuart Weitzman Boot Sale

Hello Divas!

We CANNOT live in fear!  We can’t be afraid to enter into relationships, change jobs, or pursue our passions because of the what ifs? Yes it may not work out the way you want, but what if it does? The greater the risk, the greater the reward!

My favorite luxe shoe brand, Stuart Weitzman is having its annual up to 50% off boot sale.  This sale is insane and they have soooo many stylish boots to choose from.  Swoon!

Hear are a few of my favorites!

The Mane.

mane_blasue_09 mane_blasue_12

I discussed my love affair with this boot when it debuted in the Fall.  Now it is currently priced at $419.00 40% off the original price!

The Locket Boot.


Wine is a hot color for this Fall/Winter and this embellished Locket Boot is a true star!  This screams glam and rocker chic! Fabulous!

The Playtime Boot.


This boot is sexy and practical.  The flat bottom is super comfy and the ultra stretch suede material feels great against your skin.  But it is also a sexy thigh high boot that can be worn with cute mini-skirts and dresses. Love it!


Be sure to visit Stuart Weitzman’s site for more fabulous boots on sale.  But hurry because with these deals, these boots are selling out fast!






Luxetips Events! 3rd Annual Callanwolde Arts Festival: Atlanta

Luxetips Events! 3rd Annual Callanwolde Arts Festival: Atlanta

Hello Divas!

Remember to keep moving forward towards your goals.  Even if it is a tiny step, you are making progress.


Next week one of my favorite festivals is happening in Atlanta.


The 3rd Annual Callanwolde Arts Festival is a two-door indoor festival featuring 80 artists, food trucks, live demonstrations, music and dance performances.  Divas if you are a visual and performing arts lover, then this is the festival for you!

10929144_453219424830481_926649995443022735_n 10941850_453238278161929_326857114277424894_n 

The festival takes place on Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24, 2016, at one of Atlanta’s most distinctive historic properties, the 27,000-square foot Callanwolde Mansion in Druid Hills.  So luxe!  Admission is $5 at the door and there will be art to buy and live entertainment for the entire family.


Tickets can purchased in advance at:

Below is the location and times for the festival. 

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
980 Briarcliff Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, January 24, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I hope to see you there!


Luxetips Automobiles! North American International Auto Show Happening Now

Luxetips Automobiles! North American International Auto Show Happening Now

Hello Divas!

Life is a gift.  Do not take it for granted!

As you Divas know I love cars and the biggest car show in North America is happening right now in Detroit!

The North American International Auto Show or NAIS is bringing us consumers all the best in technology, design and innovation with some of our favorite automobile brands.

Here are a few cars concept cars that made me salivate:  

Ford GT with 600 Horsepower


I am not even sure if this vehicle is street legal, but it is gorgeous! Wowza!

Acura NSX


I have been in love with the NSX since its inception.  It has always been one of my dream cars and clearly it keeps getting better and better. Smoking hot!

Lexus LC 500


Lexus really killed it with their new LC 500.  This vehicle is gorgeous and has 467 horsepower with a V8 engine. 

You can watch all the action at NAIAS by going to their site and watching the video reveals.



Luxetips! 2016 Love Stamp Debut Today at Dallas-Love Field

Luxetips! 2016 Love Stamp Debut Today at Dallas-Love Field

Hello Divas!

Life is fleeting so always remember to tell those you love that you love them!


There are two things I love: specialty stamps issued by the post office and Valentine’s Day!

I am always excited to see the new Love Stamp issued each year.  And yes I do go and buy a book of them and send out Valentine’s Day cards and I always keep one for myself.

The Post Office commissioned Quilling Artist, Yulia Brodskaya


Her work is gorgeous! The stamp is not 3-D but gives the effect of the actual art. 

Love it!

Be sure to support our U.S. Postal Service and purchase the new Love Stamp today! 

Remember love is forever!



Luxetips Style! My Top 3 Favorite Looks From the Golden Globes! 40 is the new 20!

Luxetips Style! My Top 3 Favorite Looks From the Golden Globes! 40 is the new 20!

Hello Divas!

If you want something to work or happen, you work for it, you fight for it.  Nothing worth having is easy. 

Divas it is Rewards Season!  Whoohoo!

Now we can check out all the latest designer fashions, make-up and hair trends for 2016 on our favorite entertainers.

I love this season!  I am such a dress and make-up junkie so I am obsessed with the latest and greatest looks.

Here are my top 3 favorite looks from last night’s Golden Globes:

This year it was all about the 40 plus crowd. The 40s officially rock and 40 is definitely the new 20.  Check these gorgeous 40 plus women at the Golden Globes giving “youngins” a run for their money.



Can we all agree J. Lo killed it last night. Flawless skin, hair and that body is insane.  I still can’t believe she is 46. Wowza! She wore a beautiful yellow Giambattista Valli Couture dress. Get it girl.  I need to up my gym game! 

Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore is simply timeless.  Every time I look at her, I am in awe.  She was stunning in this Tom Ford sequined dress.

Tariji P. Henson.


I feel like Tariji and I are best buds.  We both went to an HBCU, she is multi-talented and at 45 she is stunning. Yep my kind of girl.  She looked lovely in this Stella McCartney strapless dress.  

I love it! Remember ladies to remain ageless, have a skin care routine, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.  I’m in!  LOL!





Luxetips Beauty! Mimosa Saturdays at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa

Luxetips Beauty! Mimosa Saturdays at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa

Hello Divas!

When your day starts off badly or with negative energy, you have a choice to change the channel to positivity and good thoughts.  Happiness and positivity is a choice!


Divas if you live in the Atlanta area and looking for an all natural day spa featuring vegan pedicures and manicures; homemade body scrubs made with all natural and organic ingredients and a gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere with good vibes, then you have to visit Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa located in Castleberry Hill. 


Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa is one of my favorite luxe places to visit.  Luxe baby and I just love perusing all the fabulous body scrubs! Plus Iwi Fresh is always hosting or having a special event for customers.  


For example, every Saturday Iwi Fresh hosts Mimosa Saturdays.  All you have to do is book a vegan pedicure, manicure, facial or massage and you and a friend can enjoy Mango Mimosas while you receive your service.  So luxe!  I can’t wait to go there this Saturday for some much needed pampering.

Iwi Fresh is located at:

iwi fresh Garden Day Spa
341 Nelson St,
Atlanta Ga 30313

Be sure to call the number above to book your appointment!

I hope to see you there!


Luxetips Travel! Affordable Holiday Fun At Callaway Gardens

Luxetips Travel! Affordable Holiday Fun At Callaway Gardens

Hello Divas!

Whatever your dreams or goals are for this year, just go for it!  You have nothing to lose!

After Christmas I had the opportunity to visit Callaway Gardens.  Callaway Gardens is located about 90 miles south of Atlanta and is a top outdoor nature preserve featuring lush gardens, trails, a butterfly conservatory, birds of prey exhibits, zip lining, comfortable lodging and so much more.  


Callaway Gardens offers several lodging options based on your needs or budget.  There is the Mountain Creek Inn (for 2 or small families), The Southern Pine Cottages (for families of 4-5), The Mountain Creek Villas and Vacation Homes, (for large families and gatherings) and the ultra luxurious The Lodge and Spa.  Because I was a party of two, we stayed at the comfy and affordable Mountain Creek Inn.

mcinn4 MCI-New-6 Lodging MCI 08 MCI-New-1

The Mountain Creek Inn rooms have super comfy beds, free wi-fi, swimming pool and a fitness center. The Mountain Creek Inn also has two restaurants on site:  The Plant Room and the Vineyard Green.  Both offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and the Vineyard Green also offers live entertainment at night.

Our first full day at Callaway Gardens featured a trip to the AMAZING Butterfly Conservatory and the Birds of Prey presentation.

IMG_4482 IMG_4483 IMG_4484

The Butterfly Conservatory was the most beautiful and peaceful place at Callaway Gardens.  We were able to witness butterflies leaving their cocoons and spreading their beautiful wings to take flight.  We saw butterflies in various sizes and with the most beautiful colors you can imagine.  The Butterfly Conservatory also had waterfalls, pools of water with fish and benches where you can just sit, relax and soak in the beauty of your surroundings.

IMG_4380 IMG_4384 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4433 IMG_4434


We then ventured over to see the Birds of Prey Exhibit.  

The Birds of Prey Exhibit featured a live presentation of various birds of prey.  We saw several types of Owls and a Hawk. The presenter educated us on each species and allowed us to see the birds up close and personal.  The birds even took flight during the presentation!  It was amazing!

IMG_4463IMG_4417 IMG_4421 IMG_4422 IMG_4431

On Our second night at Callaway Gardens, we saw the famous Fantasy In Lights!  This amazing display of lights in various colors and themes is the most spectaculur display of lights I have ever seen.  The Fantasy in Lights attraction has over 8 million light bulbs and 15 scenes.  Guests take an one hour trolley ride through the Gardens at night witnessing this display.  The trolley ride features a guide giving a history lesson on Callaway Gardens and the Fantasy in Lights display while also playing holiday songs. Guests were encouraged to sing a long and we did. So much fun!

IMG_4454 IMG_4444 IMG_4445 IMG_4448 IMG_4453 IMG_4438 IMG_4442

Callaway Gardens is an amazing place to visit during the Holidays!  Fantasy in Lights is so magical for kids and adults too!  The Birds of Prey exhibit and the Butterfly Conservatory are also attractions, regardless of age, the entire family can enjoy.  More importantly Callaway Gardens is an affordable vacation option.  Regardless of budget, the whole family can enjoy all that Callaway Gardens has to offer. 

I am so looking forward to going back!



Disclaimer:  Callaway Gardens provided a one night stay at the Mountain Creek Inn.  However, all opinions are mine. 

Luxetips! Happy New Year! 2016 Resolutions

Luxetips! Happy New Year! 2016 Resolutions

Hello Divas!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2016!


Last year was a great year for me! I travelled to 3 countries, slightly conquered my fear of flying, and swam in the Mediterranean Ocean…and I am a non-swimmer. 

Every New Year, I share my top five resolutions for the year.  Usually I accomplish at least 2-3 and I think that is a great track record! 

I have learned a lot over the past year, but I still have a lot of growth and work to do.  So without further ado, here are my 2016 resolutions!

1. Set boundaries.  I am kind reasonable and very considerate of other people’s feelings.  Before I take an action or make a statement, I always ask myself “how is this going to affect the person I care about.”  I usually consider others before I even consider myself.  But what I have learned is a lot of times people do not reciprocate and can be selfish. I am not going to change who I am because it makes me unique and I love that part of me.  But this year, selfish and inconsiderate people will take a back seat in my life.  Setting boundaries does not mean you love people less.  It means you love yourself more.

2. Continue to work on my finances and a budget.  I am not good at this and yes I am getting professional help.  But I need to be more disciplined in this area.  I want to set good examples for my kids so they can be financially healthy as adults.

3. Last year I traveled to 3 countries.  This year I want to travel to 5 more countries and visit 2 continents. 

4. Put the necessary tools in place by first quarter that will allow to become a global lifestyle destination and my full time job!

5.  Continue to let Go and Trust God.  It worked for me in 2015.  When I get super stressed, upset or unsure, I simply say “God your will, not mine.” and everything always falls into place.

Wishing you all much love and success in 2016!


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