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Luxetips Beauty! The Uber of Massages: So Luxe!

Luxetips Beauty! The Uber of Massages: So Luxe!

Hello Divas!

The only thing that matters right now is this moment.  Live in the present! The past is gone and the future is not promised.


Divas I am so excited to tell you about a new on-demand massage service that is all the rage!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.36.44 PM is revolutionizing the massage world by providing affordable, professional and custom massage service to the masses.  Soothe is the world’s largest and fastest-growing on-demand massage company and app, dedicated to bringing the healing power of massage to their clients’ home, office, or hotel in as little as an hour.

Since its inception in 2013, Soothe has launched in 22 major cities, and has plans to launch in 20 more before the end of 2016.

All massage therapists are totally vetted with background checks, work experience and recommendations to ensure customers are receiving 100% professional and quality massage therapists.

The way the site or app works is simple:  You simply go to the website and choose a date and time.  You can book a massage within the next hour if you like!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.37.00 PM

After you book a time and a date, you are then prompted to choose what type of massage you would like.  You can choose between swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, pre-natal and couples massage.

Next you can choose if you would like a female or male massage therapist.

Lastly, you choose whether you want a 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute massage.  Prices of each massage depend on which market you are in, but here in Atlanta, a 60 minute massage is $99, 90 minutes is  $139 and a 120 minute massage is $169.  A couples massage is $198 for 60 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.37.25 PM

The absolute best feature of is that all tips are included in the one price.  So when the therapists arrives, the customer does not have to worry about the need to have cash for a tip.  Love it!

I ordered a couple’s massage for my boyfriend and I and the experience exceeded our expectations.


Our therapists showed up 10 minutes before the scheduled time to set up their tables, sheets and blankets.  They also gave us time to set the right atmosphere.  We lit our candles and chose relaxing music for our couple’s massage.


My therapist Jared was excellent!  He asked me what areas on my body were causing me discomfort or issues.  I told him and he made sure to work on those areas first, giving them the extra attention they needed.  My massage was exactly what I needed after a long week of grueling work.

My boyfriend’s therapist Hannah also inquired about his tense areas before beginning his massage.  She worked on those areas and was very mindful of his comfort level.

We both enjoyed our massages and after they were done we felt very relaxed and zen.  It was an excellent way to spend the evening.

Soothe currently serves the following cities and regions: Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Scottsdale, Seattle, Vancouver (British Columbia), and Washington D.C.  So fab!

To book your massage, go to or download the free Sooth app in the app store today.





Luxetips Style! Chanel Debuts New Cruise 2016/2017 Resort in Cuba!

Luxetips Style! Chanel Debuts New Cruise 2016/2017 Resort in Cuba!

Hello Divas!

Never mistake kindness for weakness.  It takes an incredible amount of selflessness and love to be kind in a cruel world. Always choose kindness and love.


Apparently Cuba is it right now and to solidify Cuba’s It-ness, last week Chanel debuted their new 2016 /2017 Cruise Resort Collection in downtown Cuba! So luxe!

The Chanel 2016/2017 Resort Collection featured all things glam.  There were pastel tweeds, tropical prints, elegant tulle dresses and the new Viva Coco summer tees.  I simply adore the Cuba Chanel tees and I have to get my hand on one! Swoon!


The show opened with hundreds of gorgeous models dancing to Cuban music on Havana’s main boulevard, Paseo del Prado boulevard,which is located in the heart of the city.

Karl Lagerfeld the creative director of Chanel really outdid himself this time.  It was so luxe and glam. I could have simply fainted. Wowza!


It was simply the best show I have ever seen and so much fun!

Check out the pics!

rs_1024x759-160504144716-1024.Chanel-Cuba-Collection.jl.050416 cuba-chanel-show cuba-fashion tumblr_inline_o6nwroGWn41rpqds5_540 160504155543-chanel-cuba-new-4-super-169 160504155711-chanel-cuba-new-5-super-169 chanel-cuba_2  cuba-chanel-09.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x cuba-chanel-03.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x cuba-chanel-01.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

The new Chanel 2016/2017 resort collection will be available Fall 2016.  It will surely sell out!


Luxetips Events! STK Celebrates 4 Years in Atlanta With A Bollywood Theme

Luxetips Events! STK Celebrates 4 Years in Atlanta With A Bollywood Theme

Hello Divas!

I hope you Divas have the most beautiful day ever!


I love STK Atlanta! The food, drinks and decor are simply amazing!

But what I love most about STK Atlanta is they host and have the absolute best parties in the city!  The parties are always luxe filled with beautiful people, good food and fun surprises!


This year STK celebrated 4 years in Atlanta with a Bollywood Theme.  There were Bollywood dancers, henna artists, Bollywood movies playing in the background and more.  Guests were greeted with street performers on the bustling corner of Peachtree and 12th Streets before walking the red carpet into a transformed environment. So fab!

DSC_5483 DSC_5702 DSC_5475 DSC_5520

As a special thank you, diners received their choice of a half-bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Belvedere Vodka and a dessert platter for two with the purchase of an entree. With over 200 guests in attendance, patrons mixed and mingled in the lounge, sipped on signature cocktails and noshed on Executive Chef Mark Alba’s new spring offerings and STK mainstays.

Check out the pics!

DSC_5792 DSC_5756 DSC_5749 DSC_5725 DSC_5714 DSC_5652 DSC_5645 DSC_5643 DSC_5615 DSC_5610 DSC_5603 DSC_5589 DSC_5587 DSC_5539 DSC_5529 DSC_5468DSC_5659DSC_5659DSC_5760DSC_5556

Luxetips Beauty! Summer is Here! Travel Essentials Under $20!

Luxetips Beauty! Summer is Here! Travel Essentials Under $20!

Hello Divas!

God is so good.  He performs miracles both small and big everyday.


Summer is here and time to get your Summer travel bags and essentials ready for those Summer vacay jaunts!

I am the queen of packing light when traveling.  My goals is never to check in a bag.  I always carry everything in one bag and one shoulder bag.  In addition, I love buying travel size beauty products which helps with packing light and of course meets the TSA 4 ounce requirement.

Luckily, No7 and Botanics offer a selection of affordable TSA-approved skincare and makeup essentials for frequent fliers that will save you time and space, while keeping you looking flawless during your summer escape.

Check them out!

Skincare Essentials

 Botanics All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes, $6.99, Target/ – Quickly and easily wipe away makeup, oil and other impurities on-the-go

No7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray, $8.39, Target/ – Spritz while in-flight to keep skin feeling and looking refreshed

 No7 Beautiful Skin Vitality Eye Roll-On, $16.99, Target/ – Hide the appearance of jet-lag with this caffeine and Vitamin C enriched roll-on

No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue, $15.99, Target/

Multi-purpose balm that’s formulated with nourishing shea and cocoa butters and enriched with pro-Vitamin B5 to intensively hydrate and sooth areas of dry skin

Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm, $12.99, Target/

Radiance balm provides an instant pick-me-up from a long day of travels to minimize signs of fatigue and stress to create a more radiant complexion.

Fab!  Be sure to grab these beauty essentials at your local Target!


Luxetips Travel:  Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park: Luxe & Adventurous Fun in Kississmee, FL

Luxetips Travel: Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park: Luxe & Adventurous Fun in Kississmee, FL

Hello Divas

True love and commitment never hides.  Everyone deserves to be with a partner that is proud to be with you and will shout it out to the world! If not, find someone who will.


Per my previous post, my family’s Spring Break vacay was the best vacation ever!  One of the many adventures we encountered that made it so special was our visit to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. 

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is an aerial elevated obstacle course, located in the Disney area of Orlando, and is securely suspended on specially designed poles set in a pine forest at 10 to 60 feet above the ground.

Some of the features of the course include Giant Ziplines, suspended bridges, swinging surprises, Tarzan swings, nets and much more.


IMG_5963 IMG_5799

The thing I love about Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is that there are several obstacle courses for kids and adults alike.  There is the kids’ course for ages 7-11, the junior course for ages 9-11 and the adult’s course for ages 12 an over.


My family including some Luxetipskids ranging from ages 8-13 were super excited and ready to go!


The staff at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park are professional, fun and hyper vigilant about the safety of guests.  Before we could begin we had to do a 30 minute extensive safety training before we could even do the demo course.  The demo course was required to ensure we knew how to safely secure all the latches and harnesses as we went to each obstacle.

Demo Course

IMG_5956IMG_5953IMG_5971 IMG_5970


I think these Luxetips Kids are ready!


Luxe baby did the kids course and her instructor was amazing! He was super patient with her and gently pushed her through each obstacle while also giving her the right amount of encouragement and motivation she needed to finish it!


The rest of us did the Green and Blue Courses and it was an adventure!


The courses were super challenging and fun!  Some of us were daredevils and powered through while the rest of us took our time and got through the course bit by bit.

IMG_5962 IMG_5961 IMG_5960 IMG_5962 IMG_5961 IMG_5960 IMG_5959 IMG_5958  IMG_5951

The Silver and Red Courses are for the daredevils and included some military obstacles.  These brave folks tackled these courses and I enjoyed watching them power through.

IMG_5966 IMG_5965

At the end of the course, there is a giant 450 feet zip line and all of us except one, conquered it. Doing a giant zip line was on my bucket list and now I can cross it off. It was so amazing!

We all made it through and you can see from our picture, we survived.  Happy faces!


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is located in Kissimmee and is 10 minutes from Disney.  Ticket prices are as follows:

Kids Course (7-11) $29.95

Junior Course (9-11) $38.95

Adult Course (12+) $49.95

Seniors (65+) $39.95

*Discount rate for active or retired Military $39.95

So when you and your family are exhausted from your Disney adventures, Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is a great alternative.

Be sure to check them out!



Luxetips Travel! Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa: Luxury, Natural Wonders, and Superb Service

Luxetips Travel! Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa: Luxury, Natural Wonders, and Superb Service

Hello Divas!

Life is fleeting and precious. Each day commit to do something in fulfillment of your dreams.


I am so missing my family’s Spring Break vacation in a major way. It was the absolute best family vacation we ever had. The number 1 reason it was so awesome is because we kicked it off with a stay at the luxurious and most hospitable Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa. While there, we experienced the best customer service ever, perfect luxury, superb dining and the best natural wonder experience in the U.S. 

IMG_5684 IMG_5686

The Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa located on Singer Island is a 5 star resort boasting the only all suite property on the island, a pristine private beach that is home to nesting Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles and an award winning restaurant featuring a 300 bottle wine list.  

First, the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa is a gorgeous property.  When you enter the lobby you are greeted with gorgeous decor and stunning views of the private beach and ocean. In addition, the lobby and other areas of the resort are filled with the best aromatherapy you can imagine.  The scent is luscious and puts you in a relaxed mood.


After checking in, I was fortunate to have a superb lunch at the award winning 3800 Ocean restaurant.  The restaurant decor is simply fab! More importantly, having a meal at 3800 Ocean restaurant is the ultimate dining with a view experience. 


Stunning.  While dining, you can see the resort’s private beach, Reef tiki bar huts and the natural reef, which is the third largest reef in the world and attracts divers from all over.

The food at 3800 Ocean is fantastic!  I had this Kale salad with a nice welcome mimosa.  Delish!

IMG_5700 IMG_5699

The restaurant has a full chef staff and guests can have a special private and custom meal at the Chef’s table.  The meal is created based on your preferences and can be reserved via the hotel’s concierge.


After lunch, I checked out my accommodations and when I walked into my suite, it simply took my breath away. Luxury on so many levels…. 

Our one bedroom suite featured a beautiful kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and comes fully stocked with all the kitchen and dining ware you need. The suite also had a full size washer and dryer, which certainly came in handy since we were traveling as family of 6.


The suite also has a pull out sofa included in the full living area. 

The bedroom was simply beautiful.  The bed was the most comfortable bed ever with plush bedding and pillows.  While sleeping in the bed, I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon. 


The bathroom was equally as stunning.  It was open, airy and featured a full deep spa tub, a separate shower big enough to fit a small family 🙂 and luxury cotton towels and amenities. 

IMG_5688 IMG_5687

After checking out our accommodations, we ventured down to check out the property’s pools and hot tubs. The resort has two pools, an infinity pool with a view of the ocean and the lagoon pool that features waterfalls and slides.  It is the perfect place for kids and for adults to lounge and enjoy the sun.

IMG_5738IMG_5704 IMG_5705IMG_5690

In addition to the 3800 Ocean restaurant, the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa also has two other more casual dining options:  The Reef Tiki bar featuring the cutest tiki huts and my favorite, the Lagoon Cantina.

IMG_5693 IMG_5692  

The Lagoon Cantina is located at the Lagoon pool and guests can either order from their lounge chairs and have their meal and drinks brought to them or they can visit the Cantina’s bar area for casual dining.  My family had a delicious lunch there of burgers, fish sandwiches and chicken fingers. Yum!  The adults had the absolute best drink called the Leblon Caipirinha.  It was so delicious and refreshing, I can’t wait to go back to get another one. LOL!


While at the resort, I had the opportunity to receive a tour of the property and history of Singer Island from the GM, Mr. Amidon.  My time spent with Mr. Amidon was priceless.  The most amazing thing he told me about the property and Singer Island is that Singer Island is the number one beach in America for nesting Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles. Who knew???  Because Palm Beach County is home to this natural wonder and phenomenon, the county has a Loggerhead Marine Life Center that boasts a world renowned turtle hospital.  Injured turtles are rescued and healed at the hospital.  When they are ready to get back to the ocean, the marine doctors take the turtles back to the beach and release them while onlookers cheer. Fabulous.  

Mr. Amidon gave me a little tidbit that has been life changing for me and my family.  He told me that the turtles usually come to the beach to nest around 10pm at night.  I was so excited and told the kids lets relax and take a nap and at 10pm we are going down to the beach to see if we can see some turtles nesting on the beach.  


All 6 of us walked down to the beach at 10pm and we may have walked 12 feet before we saw a huge Leatherback turtle on the beach! We were all stunned!  Two Florida Wildlife officials were observing the turtle as well and we all gathered around to see this beauty.   


What we saw I have only seen on the Discovery Channel.  We witnessed the Leatherback turtle digging a huge hole in the sand and actually laying eggs.  I could have fainted.  I told my family, if we left and went back to Georgia right after this, this would be the absolute best vacation and experience of my life. Done and done. 


We didn’t realize how rare this sighting was until the Wildlife officials and a couple of Palm Beach County residents witnessing this miracle with us said they all had lived in the county for 25 plus years and they had never seen this happen in real life.  I knew then what we witnessed was special, rare and meant to be.  We all will remember this experience for a lifetime. 


The next morning, I took a brief tour of the property’s SiSpa which was recently voted by Conde Naste traveler as one of the best resort spas in the world.  The spa features the one of a kind Hydra Facial and is all the rage.  The spa also offers massages, scrubs, and mani/pedi services.  One of the features of the spa that I loved was the private couples massage/spa room.  This room features two luxury massage tables, a deep spa tub and shower.  It is the perfect romantic treatment for couples. Loved it!

IMG_5658 IMG_5660 IMG_5668


Lastly, I have to rant and rave about the customer service I experienced at the resort.  Every and I mean every, Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa employee, went out of their way to ensure we all felt special…even the kids.  The valet, bell hops, bartenders, waiters, concierge, front desk attendants, and pool attendants were one of a kind.  And I must say I have visited and reviewed a lot of 4/5 star resorts and the customer service at this property was the absolute best I ever experienced.  Seriously.

I highly highly recommend this property as a family or couple vacation option.  It has so much to offer:  it caters to kids and adults with the same attention to detail and as a parent I appreciate it.  It is Singer Island’s best kept secret, but now the secret is out! My family and I have committed to visiting this property once a year.

Here are some more pics:

IMG_5741 IMG_5735 IMG_5734IMG_5755IMG_5706IMG_5696IMG_5684

Luxetips was here!



If you are interested in visiting this property soon, please click this link for rates and deals.


Disclaimer:  Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa provided a complimentary one night stay.  However all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Luxetips Automobiles! New 2016 Lexus IS200T:  Sporty and Luxurious!

Luxetips Automobiles! New 2016 Lexus IS200T: Sporty and Luxurious!

Hello Divas!

When things seem to be falling apart, they are actually falling together.


Recently, I had the opportunity to test drive the all new 2106 Lexus IS200t sedan.

This car is luxurious, sporty, chock full of technology and simply gawgeous! 



First I have to tell you Divas how much attention I got in this car.  Men loved this car.  They would come up to me in the car or when I parked it and say:  that is a hot car!  They all wanted to check out the exterior,  interior and the sound system.  Yes the sound system is on point.  LOL!

I could not blame them because the grille alone is sick!

Next the interior was super luxurious and draped in a beautiful red leather.  The bucket seats molded to my body and the leather felt like butter…of course.


Another cool feature I loved in the Lexus IS200t that is also in other Lexus vehicles, is that the car can be driven in eco, normal and sport mode.  Of course, eco mode is ideal for saving gas and conserving energy.  But what I loved and quite frankly became addicted to was the sports mode.  In sport mode, I was able to put the pedal to the metal and really test out the Lexus IS200t’s engine.  The engine boasts 241 horsepower, 2.0 litre turbo charged engine and an 8 speed automatic transmission.  The ride is super fast and it handles the road like a dream!


The IS200t also boasts a lot of cool gadgets.  The weather can be controlled by a simple touch of the fingers.  


The IS200t also has a premium navigation package and the innovate Lexus Enform destinations app suite.  This feature offers convenient 24-hour, en-route navigation assistance from a live response center agent who can help you find locations and automatically upload the destinations to your Navigation System. Fabulous!


My Luxetips kids loved the Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System.  This system boasts 15 speakers strategically placed in the vehicle.  The sound is outstanding!  We listened to a lot of our favorite jams in the vehicle and had a great time.

We loved the new 2016 Lexus IS200t so much, we didn’t want to give it back! LOL!

The Lexus IS20ot starting retail price is around $40,000. So luxe and so worth it!


Luxetips Beauty! Rosewill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser: Healthy and Luxe!

Luxetips Beauty! Rosewill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser: Healthy and Luxe!

Hello Divas!

Unshakeable Faith moves mountains.


Divas I am so exccited to share my new healthy obsession: Rosewill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. 


This diffuser used with essential oils, has been a much needed relaxing aromatherapy treatment for me after a stressful day at work and a healing treatment for my kid’s allergies due to the severe Georgia pollen! I LOVE IT!

The Rosewill RHAD-15001, with ultrasonic technology, breaks up the blending of essential oil and water into mist of micro particles and disperses them into the air. 

The results are amazing!  The diffuser mist purifies the air while also providing healing aromatherapy.  We have been using the diffuser every night and it has improved our health and home environment.

The Rosewill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is so easy to use.  Simply use the included measuring cup and pour cold water into the top of the diffuser.


Next add a drop or two of essential oils.  I have been using Doterra brand essentials oils and they work wonders!  I use Lavender (for relaxation), Breathe (for a healthy respiratory system) and On Guard (for immune support.)  


Simply cut the switch on and the cool mists begins to fill your home with a wonderful healing fragrance.  


The diffuser also has LED changing color lights and it sets a real zen mood. 


We use the diffuser every evening and night and I can see the difference in my home environment.  My kids’ breathing and allergies are better every morning they wake up and I have been in a very calm mood in the evenings.

Divas I tell you the Rosewill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a must have!  It promotes health and relaxation.

The diffuser retails for around $60.00 and can be purchased here.





Luxetips Style! H&M Opening In Puerto Rico!

Luxetips Style! H&M Opening In Puerto Rico!

Hello Divas!

Being thankful puts you in a space of peace and receptive to abundant blessings.


Today H&M retail stores debuted some exciting news for luxe divas in Puerto Rico.  H&M is opening a flagship store June 2016 at The Mall of San Juan, in San Juan, PR.  A second location in Plaza Del Sol, in Bayamón will open later this year. 

The new store will be approximately 31,000 square feet with fashion for everyone’s personal style. The Mall of San Juan location will include collections for ladies, men, young ladies, and young men with separate “store within a store” sections for accessories, lingerie and beauty.  The Mall of San Juan location will also carry H&M’s children’s collection for newborns up to nine year olds.  H&M looks forward to offering the best of summer fashion to its customers in Puerto Rico.

I am sure this H&M store will have some very cute items for shoppers in Puerto Rico.  Fabulous! 


Luxetips Style! Rocks, Pebbles, and Stone Jewelry Trunk Show: Eclectic Luxe!

Luxetips Style! Rocks, Pebbles, and Stone Jewelry Trunk Show: Eclectic Luxe!

Hello Divas!

As my luxe baby said: Love is the real power.


This past Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to support my dear friend Rita Houston and her super luxe handmade jewelry line, Rocks, Pebbles, Stones.

Rita’s inspiration for her gorgeous and eclectic pieces, are from her travels around the world.  Her jewelry features stones, gems and collectibles from around the globe! The line includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Fabulous!

This weekend, Rocks, Pebbles, Stones had a trunk show at the luxe Squash Blossom Boutique located in downtown Decatur.  


Rita showcased her jewelry and also showed me how to style some of her jewelry with cute and fabulous outfits at Squash Blossom Boutique.   Take a look!

IMG_5345 IMG_5346IMG_5400


These free trade bracelets from Kenya were my favorite!  They add just the right pizazz to any outfit! 



Love this wrap necklace.  It can be worn long or short.  It paired well with this Free People wrap dress at Squash Blossom Boutique.

Of course while I was at Squash Blossom I tried on a few items.  Love, love the store and their clothes.  You have to check it out! 

  IMG_5394 IMG_5395

Be sure to check out Rocks, Pebbles, Stones e-store here.  Prices range from $45 to $200.



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