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Sexy Eyes!

Sexy Eyes!

Hello Divas!

I hope your Fourth of July holiday was awesome! Mine was so peaceful. I just relaxed. I did not do one thing. It was great! Over the holiday, my beautiful baby sister asked me “how do you keep your eyeshadow from creasing or fading away before the day ends?” And of course I had the perfect answer! Creasing or fading eyeshadow is a common problem for women who wear eyeshadow. Of course from my experience, there are a select few eyeshadows that simply do not crease or fade. They are Nars and Mac brand eyeshadows. The colors in both of these lines are very rich and both boast long wearing crease resistant formulas. And I must say that they do live up to the promise! Other than that, there are tons of great eyeshadows that will stay, stay, stay with just a little help. Here are my top two suggestions to increase the wear of your eyeshadow:

1. Base your lids with foundation. I simply sweep my eyelids with a powder foundation and then apply eyeshadow. This method works with most eyeshadows. However, if this does not work, try using a cream based foundation and then apply a little powder foundation. Apply eyeshadow and your eyeshadow will definitely last all day and/or night!

2. Apply an eye moisturizer/eye cream. This is another simple way to ensure your eyeshadow has staying power! I recommend that all Divas use eye cream as opposed to regular moisturizer around the eye area because the area around the eye is more sensitive and delicate than your face. Eye creams are specially formulated to deal with this sensitive area. Moisturizer is an excellent base for any type of make-up. Dry skin just does not allow make-up to properly adhere to the skin. I personally like Oil of Olay’s Age Defying Eye Gel. It is a non-greasy gel that also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This product retails for $9.99. I simply love Kiehl’s Light Nourishing eye cream. It is light and non-greasy and perfectly moisturizes the eye area. You can purchase this product for $20.00. Lastly, for those of you who have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, Kiehl’s also carries Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. This product is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist-Tested. This eye cream is very creamy. It is simply luxurious!

Until next time!

p.s. I just want to give a shout out to the Beautiful Divas of Mocha Moms! Thanks for your support!

Pretty feet!

Pretty feet!

Hello Divas!

Ladies today is the official start of summer! Yeah! I like summer. I would rather be hot than cold anyday. So I know all of you ladies are breaking out your fabulous sandles or buying new sandles. Thus your “feet” must look flawless. One thing I can not stand is a lady wearing sandles with rough crunchy feet. It is just not necessary. Personally, I love getting pedicures. It is a source of relaxtion for me. But if pedicures are not in your budget, you can always give yourself a pedicure. It is very easy! Simply soak your feet in warm soapy water; slough off dead skin with a pumice stone or if you are BRAVE a pedicure razor; push back and remove cuticles; and clip and file toenails. Here is a cool tip. When I give myself a pedicure, I like to go the extra mile and apply a good scrub to my entire foot and exfoliate with a loofah sponge. It removes dead skin and gives your feet that freshly scrubbed glow! Apply a good body butter or soufle and you have summer ready feet! Fabulous!
During summer there are a few nail colors that I just love. Check them out and let me know what are your favorites.

Until next time,

1. French Pedicures. I love the classic clean look of a French pedicure. A french pedicure is timeless and elegant. I personally like to use an off white base coat with the french manicure. Very chic!

2. Essie Wicked. I know it is a dark color, but I tell you this color looks good on anybody. I love it! When I wear Essie’s Wicked on my toes or nails I just feel so va va voom sexy. Old Hollywood Glamour! My hubby loves it! You can purchase this product for $7.00.

3. OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy. This very sheer pink color is great for summer. The color is sheer enough that you can wear it to work but also cute enough to wear out to play! This product retails for $6.75.

4. Natural. There is something so Bohemian about wearing toes in the “buff”. Hey, summer is about letting go and having fun! This is the perfect summer look. However make sure your toes are not disclored and neat!

Who doesn’t like a Bargain?

Who doesn’t like a Bargain?

Hello Divas!

Summer in the south is no joke. You can cut the humidity with a knife! Because of the humidity, multiple showers are sometimes necessary. Like most fly divas, I love to stay fresh and smell yummy. So I must profess my obsession with Body Washes. I love Body Washes because 1. They smell good 2. Most leave your skin feeling silky smooth and do not dry out your skin like soap and 3. There are so many different Body Washes! Now I have a wide range of Body Washes that I am crazy about, but here are my top four based on quality and budget! Enjoy!

1. Philosophy’s 3-in-1 ultra shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath in Lemonade. I love Philosophy products. They are super rich and so moisturizing. Philosophy’s 3-in-1 combos are like a little slice of heaven! They leave your skin so soft and they smell fantastic. This lemonade scent is just so perfect for summer! This product retails for $16.00 per bottle.

2. Bath and Body Works’ Shower Gels. An old favorite. I have been using Bath and Body Works’ products for years and I just can’t complain about their products. I love the Sunripend Raspberry scent! Right now Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale and select Shower Gels and Body Washes are selling for only $4.00! I visited the Bath and Body Works Atlantic Station Store and racked up on Shower Gels, Body Lotions and Antibacterial Soaps. So ladies run to Bath and Body Works while the sale is still going or you can purchase the products online.

3. Healing Garden Organic Body Washes. Healing Garden is a super inexpensive quality brand of body products that you can purchase at your local drugstore, Target, and Wal-Mart. Recently, Healing Garden introduced an organic line that is pretty good. The products are 85% organic. I love the Fig and Lavendar body wash. The scent is strong and the products are pretty much all natural. The body wash retails for $7.99. Check it out here.

4. Suave Naturals Body Washes. For the low price of $2.99, you can purchase a fantastic Body Wash with this brand. Right now I am using the Ocean Breeze scent that is also infused with mineral-rich sea algae extract. Pretty impressive for three bucks. Suave Naturals is moisturizing, has a great scent, and is a great buy! Right now CVS, (boy I love CVS!) is running a promotion where you can purchase two bottles for $3.00. That is $1.50 per bottle ladies!

Oh how I love a GREAT scent!

Oh how I love a GREAT scent!

Hello Divas!

I hope your life is great! I have discovered a new scent and it is just perfect for summer. The scent is Blue by Ralph Lauren. My girlfriend Nikiis was wearing this scent when she came to visit last weekend. She smelled so wonderful. Ralph Lauren Blue for Women is a very clean light floral scent with just a hint of the ocean. Just Fabulous. When she left my house, she left her scent and my husband and I just kept admiring it. Our house smelled fantastic! So of course I had to have it! And for all of you Divas on a budget I found a 2.5 oz. bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue for $27.99 at CVS! By the way, CVS sells a lot of high end department store brand perfumes at a significant discount. Plus if you have a CVS card (a discount card) you can sometimes catch these perfumes on sale at a deeper discount. Ladies you will love this scent. Next time you are at a perfume counter or better yet Sephora, sample Blue. I guarantee you will buy it.

Happy Scents!

Products I am loving right now!

Products I am loving right now!

Hello Divas!

I hope your week has been fabulous. I think we can finally say that summer is here. It was 91 degrees today. Whew! But I have just the right products to look great and combat this summer heat. Here are a few products that I am loving right now:

1. Wet n’ Wild’s Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette in Sand Castle. Ladies this eyeshadow palette is fantastic! Not only is it inexpensive, ($4.99) the colors are just right for beautiful natural looking eyes with a little bit of shimmer. This is just what the doctor ordered for the Summer. I have talked about Wet n’ Wild products in previous posts. Wet n’ Wild is a super inexpensive brand of make-up that you can find in your local drugstore. I have been using their products since high school! The colors are great and the quality is good. I figure if well knowned make-up artists use Wet n’ Wild, why shouldn’t I!

2. The Body Shop’s Body Scrubs and Body Butters. These products are excellent. I have tried other body butters and scrubs but they do not measure up to The Body Shop’s products. I specifically use these products when I am going on a beach vacation. Before I hit the beach, I use the moisture rich Cocoa Butter Scrub to exfoiliate. The exfoiliation is top notch, but it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I then apply suncreen and hang out on the beach. After a day on the beach and a good shower, I apply the Cocoa Butter Body Butter. It is super rich. I apply it all over and my skin just glows. In addition, the body butter makes my skin super soft. Great Product. As a note, you can use these product anyday you want glowing super soft skin!

3. Bath and Body Works Body Splash in Black Raspberry Vanilla. I am sure everyone uses a good body splash. I love Bath and Body Works because they have a variety of scents and the scent of their splashes last longer than other brands. This is the perfect product to combat summer heat. When I was a college student in Tallahassee, FL, my roommate and I, (Hi Cindy!) would put our Bath and Body Works body splashes in the refridgerator and spray it on our bodies to cool down. A much needed process considering Tallahassee can reach 107 degrees in the summer! To this day, I do the exact same thing to lower my body temperature and also smell good in the process. Even if you do not put the body splash in the fridge, the alcohol in the product will instantly cool you down after being in the Sun. I love the Black Raspberry Vanilla scent because it is fruity with a hint of vanilla. Yum. Try it!

Stay fly and cool Divas!

"Thriffin" or Thrifting

Hello Divas!

Well as promised, I am back with more fabulous tips. This post is dedicated to fashion. Oh how I like a great fashion find and of course a bargain. I have a rule, which is never buy anything full price. Absolute rule. So, I am always shopping at discount stores (TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Ross, Loehmann’s or outlets) or end of season sales at my favorite shops. And of course Target. However, my true true passion is searching thrift shops, consignments sales, and estate sales. Oooh how I love the hunt. I always find an awesome item when I go “thriffin” (as we say in Decatur). A few of the great items I have purchased thrifting are silk blouses, high end business suits, a beautiful wool pleated skirt, and an authentic safari style dress all ranging between $3 and $10. UNBELIEVABLE!! Sometimes, I just want to pinch myself. Ladies here are a few tips on how to find great items at thrift and consignment shops plus the name of my favorite thrifts! Enjoy!

1. Come Prepared. Mentally prepare yourself to spend hours looking through each and every piece of clothing for a particular item of clothing you are looking for. For example, if I am looking for a great vintage dress to pair with a great pair of shoes, I venture to the dress section and look through each and every dress that is available. Thus, one must have patience and preserverance when performing this task.

2. Don’t let sizes discourage you. Unless an item of clothing is clearly too small, don’t dismiss an item because it is not in your exact size. I have found that in older or vintage clothing the sizes are bigger than they are in today’s clothing. In addition, if a particular item is too big, remember you can always go to a tailor. The expense of a tailor is a good investment if you are purchasing an item for $5.

3. Don’t always look for high end labels. Of course finding an item by a high end designer on consignment or better yet at a thrift shop is a natural high. However, be open to lesser known designers. I have found some awesome items by lesser known designers that are great quality and very stylish.

4. My favorite thrift shops in Atlanta are the Value Village chain of thrift stores. Some stores in this chain are better than others, but I always find great items at the Value Village in East Atlanta on Moreland Avenue. It is like a hidden treasure. Also, please please check out Upscale Fashions, Inc. in Stockbridge, GA. Upscale Fashions is a consignment shop that features very high end designers. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit this store. They have Chanel suits, Hermes scarves, vintage designer gowns, and vintage high end bags (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.) I saw a very cute vintage rectangle shaped Louis Vuitton purse for $75.00! Wow! I know it is a bit of a trek but it is worth it!

Happy “Thrifting”

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hello Hello!!!

Yikes! I just realized a whole month and a half has went by without me writing a Post! I do apologize Divas, but I have been so busy being a mom, wife, and career woman. I was so overwhelmed. Well I am back with more Luxe Tips!

First I want to profess my love affair with Iman Costmetics! Beautiful, beautiful lush colors and textures and the price is just right! Iman’s products are on the same level or better than most department store brands, i.e., Lancome, Estee Lauder, Mac, etc. You can purchase Iman Costmetics from Target and……..drum roll please……..Wal-Mart. I am loving it! As a matter of fact ladies, I used mostly Iman Cosmetics on my girlfriend Deslyn for her wedding. Yes, in addition to being so many other things, and a make-up shopaholic, I love doing my friends’ make-up. So check out the picture here. To get this Divalicious but natural look, use the following products!

Love Ya Divas!

p.s. Next time I do promise not to wait so long between posts!

1. As you see in the picture, Ms. Deslyn has flawless skin. To achieve this look, I used Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation in Hazlenut. I simply used a very good MAC cosmetics foundation brush to apply the foundation. Apply the foundation evenly with the brush and then blot with a tissue, (Kleenex) and Viola! A flawless, shine free complextion. Powder foundations need not apply.

2. Deslyn’s eyes were fierce! I used Cover Girl eyeshadow in Golden Sunrise as a eyeliner on the bottom and upper lid. Next I used Iman’s eyeshadow in GEM
on Deslyn’s entire lid. I also applied Iman eyeshadow in Sahara on Deslyn’s brow bone. Lastly, I applied a small amount of Lancome’s Defencil’s Mascara in Noir. I only had to use a small amount because Deslyn had fabulous faux lashes!

3. I applied MAC’s powder blush in Format on the apples of Deslyn’s cheeks. As you recall in a previous post, I raved about orange blush on women of color. It is so natural. It provides just the right amount of flush. Format is a peachy orange blush that gives just the right amount of flush and all natural glow. Deslyn was radiant!

4. Lips! On Deslyn’s lips I used MAC cosmetics! Who can beat MAC’s glosses and lip pencils? As a lip liner, I used MAC’s cremestick lip liner in Cushy. For the final touch, I applied MAC’s lip glass in Viva Glam V.
This combination allowed Deslyn to have a very natural slighly nude lip with a hint of color. Beautiful.



Hi Divas!

I hope this week is truly a good fabulous week for you all. I am totally obsessed with mascara. And I am telling you that I know I have found the BEST mascara ever. Believe me I have tried them all, every brand in every price range, but I think I have finally found a true winner. However, I will give you my top two, with number one being the BEST! Enjoy!

1. Maybeline Intense Volume XXL. This is it! In my opinion, this is the best valued mascara on the market. This mascara is packaged as a primer and mascara in one. One end of the tube is the primer and the other end is the mascara. The primer is definitely the trick to thick, long, va va voom lashes. You simply evenly coat your lashes with the white primer. As you do this step, you will notice that your lashes will instantly become longer and fuller. Last you apply the mascara, which basically enhances the volume and length of your lashes while adding color. This two-step system also perfectly separates your lashes. I did not have to use an eyelash comb! Amazing! I mean I stared at my lashes for like 15 minutes because I was so amazed by the results. You can purchase this mascara at Wal-Mart for $5.98! What a bargain. I am in love!

I have tried Loreal’s Volume Shocking Mascara, Loreal’s version of this primer and mascara in one package and I was sorely disappointed. The primer brush is too big. In addition, the brush for the mascara allows too much mascara to accumulate on the brush. The result is clumps, clumps, clumps. The brush is actually like an eyelash comb and I thought it would create perfectly separated lashes, but NOT. I mean I constantly had to wipe the brush with a tissue to get the excess mascara off. Messy. Plus it costs $11.99. Maybeline’s is half this price.

2. Lancome Defincil’s. This has been my long time favorite since 1997. The brush is designed to perfectly separate lashes and it is great for lengthening lashes. It is a great mascara. However, at $23.00, it is a bit on the expensive side. Defincil’s used to be my number one mascara, but now since I have found Maybeline’s Intense Volume XXL it is my second.

I Have Become a TRUE Lady


I hope you are all having a fantastic week. Over the past two weeks I have attended two weddings and each time interesting questions or issues were raised regarding what are the essentials to ensure we as TRUE ladies keep the “goods” hidden. Because ladies as we all know a TRUE lady never reveals all the goods. NO BRITNEY private parts shots! There is nothing wrong with being sexy and revealing a little, but full out exposure is never appropriate. Thus, check out my must haves that keep the goods hidden…

1. Double Sided Tape. Ladies we all like to show cleavage. However, if wearing a low plunging neckline and the “goodies” are not secure, double sided tape can prevent any peek-a-boobs. Simply adhere the tape to the fabric and your skin and the “goodies” will be protected. Just remember the J-Lo Versace dress with the plunging neckline during the MTV Video Awards a few years back. Double-sided tape is the only thing that kept that dress on.

2. A slip. If you are wearing a dress or skirt that does not have a lining and you can see through the dress and your private undies or parts are showing, you need to wear a slip. I have one black slip for this purpose alone. I am not saying that you have to wear a slip all the time, which these days most of us do not. But if the goods are visible through a dress or skirt, a slip is a must.

3. Nipple Covers. If you are fortunate or not fortunate (lol!) enough to not have to wear a bra all the time, then you may need to wear nipple covers to prevent visible nipples. In addition, nipple covers come in handy when wearing formal wear or other types of outfits when you can not wear a bra. Nipple covers are also called pasties. Nippits are a great brand of nipple covers that are practically invisible through clothing.

4. Seamless underwear. Visible panty lines are never attractive. But you can alleviate this problem by wearing seamless underwear. In addition, boy cut underwear is also great. I know these days not wearing underwear has become fashionable and sometimes may be necessary when wearing very snug dresses, however, G-strings and the like should be good solutions. Also Spanx, created by Atlanta’s very own Sarah Blakely, are footless pantyhose that can be worn in place of underwear when wearing snug outfits. They also provide great tummy and hip support.

Until next time…….

Leopard Print

Leopard Print

Hello Hello Divas!

Long time no post! I do apologize, but I have been busy busy busy. But I am back now in full effect and over the next 5 days, you will receive tons of tips and advice fromn Luxetips! So, sit back and enjoy what is and what is to come!

I received a call from a good friend Hope regarding Leopard Print shoes. Her question was what type of outfit or ensemble goes great with leopard print shoes. And I had lots of good advice. Her goes…..

When wearing leopard print shoes neutral colors are the best. However, I have found that RED is the best color with leopard print shoes. I recommend wearing a pretty red dress with leopard print shoes. It is such a lovely complement to leopard print. In addition, black, brown or tan/beige are also great colors for leopard print shoes. If wearing jeans, I recommend a funky black or beige shirt. I would maybe wear a simple leopard print belt or carry a very small leopard print purse as a complement, but that is it. Too much leopard print becomes very Italian lady from Queens. lol! Otherwise, a neutral color bag is best. As far as jewelry, keep it simple and basic. Understated diamond, silver, or gold. If costume jewlery stay neutral.

Another question I was posed was “Is it appropriate to wear leopard print pumps with a professional suit?” And yes it is. As a matter of fact, I saw a friend, who is a true Diva, strutting down Peachtree Street in Atlanta with a black suit and leopard print pumps and she looked stunning! However, I would not wear them to a highly important business meeting especially if I was meeting with clients. I would keep a pair of professional conservative black pumps for that purpose, but around the office, ABSOLUTELY!

Lastly, whatever your budget, there are tons of brands that carry very cute leopard print shoes. Of course, Christian Louboutin, in my opinion have the absolute best pair. But at around $600 a pop, I can only dream girls. Otherwise, Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, Victoria Secret, Nine West, and Target all carry great leopard print pumps.

Until tomorrow

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