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Luxetips Travel! 9 Things You Can Not Miss When Visiting St. Lucia!

Luxetips Travel! 9 Things You Can Not Miss When Visiting St. Lucia!

Hello Divas!

Life is too short to not live the life you want.  If you want to travel, figure out a way to travel..If you want to move to Oregon and weave baskets…do that.  Live your life!

St. Lucia is an island I have always dreamed of visiting.  It is so beautiful and from what I hear, a great R&R vacation destination.  Check out this article on 9 things you must do when visiting St. Lucia.  I can’t wait to get there!

St. Lucia is an island in the middle of the Lesser Antilles. A peculiar detail about St. Lucia is that it’s a volcanic island, but that does not stop it from being one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Caribbean. It hosts jungles and rainforests, tall mountain peaks, and rugged coastlines, and pristine nature that waits be to be explored. St. Lucia’s location is unique, it’s considered a premier destination for adventures and adrenalin-fused activities. It’s not that you can’t visit the island for some rest and relaxation, but that’s not its focus.

One of the most fascinating aspect of St. Lucia is its unique blend of culture and history. Because of different people arriving and living on the island, and in different times, the traditions and cuisines are varied and have since meshed in the modern culture of St. Lucia. There’s something to see in just about every part of the island, whether it’s hiking the mountains, exploring the castles, or visiting the volcano.

Organizing a stay in the island is pretty easy and straightforward. There are plenty of options for hotels and resorts, but if you prefer something more homely, renting a villa in St. Lucia can be an excellent option.

Experiencing the entirety of St. Lucia can be amazing, so here are a few examples of activities.

 Stroll along Vigie Beach

This is an example of a pretty unusual beach by modern standards. Unlike most other beaches in the world, on this one you’ll be hard pressed to find a gift shop or a restaurant. That’s because there aren’t any. That’s why it’s considered one of the most serene places you can visit on St. Lucia.

Be romantic on Anse Chastanet

The acclaimed architect Nick Troubetzkoy is the designer behind the Anse Chastanet, a spot that’s widely considered the most romantic place in the entire Caribbean. Beside candlelit dinners, visitors enjoy sweeping views of natural scenery, as well the UNESCO protected Pitons.

Explore the Gros Piton

A volcanic site that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Gros Piton is a mountain that’s often climbed by both locals and visitors alike. Since it’s not especially tall, it can be climbed in less than a day, but the volcanic summit allows for some breathtaking views of the entire Soufirere Bay. Because of warm climate, it can be visited and enjoyed throughout the entire year, and it’s highly recommended by anyone that’s ever climbed it.

Examine the history in Morne Fortune

Above the city of Castries you can find Morne Fortune. It’s an old fort from colonial times, and it represents the bloody history of the island. This stronghold was originally built by the British, and was later taken by the French. Since then it has seen its share of conflict by the factions that vied for power and control in the region. Today it’s the home to old artillery and ruined gun houses, as well a chilling memorial to the 27th Inniskilling Regiment.

See the Sulphur Springs

The Sulphur Springs are a very unique location that you can visit in St. Lucia. They’re volcanic leftovers that spew smoke and ash, and visitors can see them from up close. Bathing is impossible in the springs, though, since the temperatures are about 200°C, but exploring the springs and the region is easy because they’re connect with roadways from the ridges and the jungle.

Bathe in the mud pools

A perfect place to simply relax. They’re pools of mud that are formed by trickling down from the volcanic opening, and have been used since the French colonial times. Nowadays, they’re modernized, and there are separate baths with changing rooms and showers. Because they’re considered a place for healing, many visitors often come to these famous mud baths to cure tension. The temperatures in the mud baths can reach 38°C but you can also relax in add-on pools that are right next to the mud baths.

Have a tour in the Botanical Gardens

When the French controlled the island in Colonial Times, the King of France Louis XIV sanctioned the construction of Soufriere Estate. A large part of the estate were tropical rainforest that was carefully organized into a lush expanse of unparalleled natural beauty. The original Soufriere Estate was around 2000 acres, but even though the modern site isn’t as large, it’s still comprised of that same beauty. Orchids, hibiscus, ferns, and all sorts of flowers and plants are maintained here today, in what’s considered one of the most beautiful places in that part of the world.

Hike in the rainforests

On every part of the island there’s a perfect hiking trail. Gros Piton may be its most famous, but there are many other that are in excellent condition. The paths on Frigate Island is a great example, or the Barre de L’isle rain forest. Because the nature is pretty much untouched by man, and the pristine beauty of the island has captivated many visitors, there are constant hiking trips being organized all the time.

Have a blast at the food festivals

St. Lucia yearly hosts a few festivals that can hardly be matched. They last from a few days up to a week, and they’ve been known as some of the finest and most fun activities you can have on the island. Some of the festivals are organized by two rival historical organizations, and they compete for who has the best food on the island. There are constant parties during the festivals, and due to the rich cultural tapestry the island has, the food is varied and amazing.

St. Lucia sounds amazing!  It is on my list of places to visit this year.  Have you ever been there?  If so, leave a comment and let me know some of your tips.


Luxetips Events! Celebrate Valentine’s Day at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta

Luxetips Events! Celebrate Valentine’s Day at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta

Hello Divas!

Tell someone you love them today.  It may be just what they need.

Valentine’s Day is exactly 14 days away and it is time to get those V-Day plans together.

If you are still looking for ideas and want a luxurious and decadent experience, then The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta has many fab and romantic options.  Check them out!

Italian Vines Wine Tasting Event

If you are looking for a luxe pre-Valentine’s Day event and you love fine wine, then the Italian Vines Wine Tasting Event is for you.

During the month of love, journey to Italy with Mauro Maugliani, an Italian Wine Specialist from Rome. Guests will enjoy tasting five Italian wines paired with passed tapas and a cheese and charcuterie display while Mauro shares his knowledge of the wines being served. Tickets priced at USD 90 per person including valet parking.

WHERE:         Taipan Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta

WHEN:            February 7, 2018 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

This is so my kind of event!  I’m putting this on my list!


Valentine’s Venetian Carnivale

Another pre-Valentine’s Day experience is The Valentine’s Venetian Carnivale.  This event is for those of you who like to build up the romance before V-Day or those who want to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowd.

Enjoy a taste of Italy in Buckhead. Escape to Venice at The Café & Bar for a romantic dining experience featuring Northern Italian and Venetian bar bites, wine and specialty cocktails. The restaurant will be decorated in carnival-style and classic Italian music will be played.

WHERE:         The Café & Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta

WHEN:           January 27 to February 13, 2018 from 5pm to 10pm


Valentine’s Day Dinner

For the big day, enjoy a three-course prix fixe menu at The Café & Bar. The dinner will begin with a caviar service, followed by guest’s choice of entrée and finished with a chocolate fondue. Krug Champagne will be available by the glass and bottle and caviar service can also be ordered a la carte. Ooh la la!

WHERE:         The Café & Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta

WHEN:           February 14, 2018 from 5pm to 10pm

So luxe!  If you are interested in any of the above Valentine’s Day events at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, be sure to contact the Mandarin Oriental via the below information to reserve your spot!



Luxetips Travel! Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, The Spa: Luxe and Heavenly!

Luxetips Travel! Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, The Spa: Luxe and Heavenly!

Hello  Divas!

Always love yourself.

A month ago I celebrated my one year Wedding Anniversary and thanks to the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, The Spa, it was the most luxurious and pampering experiences of my husband and I’s life!  We have officially declared  The Spa our favorite spa of all time.  There are so many reasons we love this spa so much.  Check it out!

Customer Service

The customer service at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is like no other luxury hotel.  Each employee ensures you feel special and that your every need is met.  This superb customer service starts as soon as you walk through the doors of the The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta.  Each customer is greeted by name and asked “how can I serve you today?”  The employees at The Spa were super amazing!  They catered to our every need and even the wants/needs we didn’t know we had.  We were offered warm scented hand towels, mineral infused water and fresh herbal jasmine tea upon our arrival. We then had one on one personal interviews with our perspective therapists about our needs and wants regarding our service.  The therapists wanted to ensure the experience was custom to each guest.  Love it!


Nobody does a luxury spa experience like The Mandarin Oriental, The Spa.  As soon as you enter The Spa, all of your senses are caressed with pure decadence.  The Spa first seduces you with smell.  Fragrant essential oils fill the lobby and the Spa throughout.  It is aromatherapy at its finest.  You are instantly relaxed.  There is beautiful lush furniture, gorgeous orchids and soft beautiful music everywhere you turn in the Spa.  The atmosphere is so wonderful, you just want to sit on the super comfy chaise lounges and take a nap.  And I did! LOL!

Spa Suites/Couple’s Journey Services

If you are looking for a luxurious side by side spa experience with your significant other, then the Couple’s Journey experience is a must!

The service begins with a relaxing foot ritual which includes essential oils, a foot bath and foot massage.

Our service was then followed by surprisingly soothing body scrubs with aromatherapy.  The body scrub is effective in that it totally exfoliates your skin while also being relaxing at the same time.  After the body scrub, my husband and I took a couple’s shower with the most amazing shower.  So luxe!  After the shower, we were ready for our body massages.

The body massage was simply divine.  My massage therapist made to sure to address issues we discussed during our initial interview.  As I have mentioned, aromatherapy is essential to The Spa experience.  My therapist placed a bowl of steaming hot water under my nose with essential oils.  I instantly melted. My massage was so good, after awhile, I promptly fell asleep.

After our massages, the therapists ran us a bath in the biggest marble bathtub I have ever seen.  They filled it with essential oils and other bath products.  We soaked in the bath and it felt like heaven.  After our foot massage, body scrub and body massage, this bath was the cherry on top.  Pampering at its finest. Divine, divine, dive.

After our bath, we were treated to a beautiful Anniversary surprise.  The staff gifted us a treat of molten chocolate cake and champagne.  Swoon!

In addition, at The Spa, guests are invited to enjoy the Sauna, Steam Room and Vitality Pool.  If you are interested in a swim, guests can also enjoy the 60 foot saline lap pool.

Our Couple’s Journey spa experience in The Spa’s Spa Suites was one of the most incredible luxurious pampering experiences of my life!  I will be back for as many marriage milestones as possible.

The cost for the Couple’s Journey is $570 per couple, Mon-Thurs and $670 per couple Fri-Sun.  It is worth every penny and considering all of the services you are able to indulge in as a couple, it is the best bang for your buck.  I highly highly recommend this service for special occasions like Anniversaries, Birthdays, and of course Valentine’s Day which is coming up pretty soon!

If you are interested in learning more about The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta or booking a service, click here.




Luxetips Beauty!  Get Your Skin Right For 2018 With Innovative Laser Treatments!

Luxetips Beauty! Get Your Skin Right For 2018 With Innovative Laser Treatments!


Hello Divas!

Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 has started fabulously for you all!  I am working on my New Year Resolutions and they include the usual resolutions: getting fit, eating right, taking care of my skin and travel. LOL!

As I have stated one of my New Year Resolutions include taking better care of my skin.  I am trying to get rid of hyper-pigmentation, adult acne and uneven skin tone.  The below article includes some pretty innovative skin care techniques such as laser treatments to keep your skin looking fabulous.  Check them out!

How Laser Skin Tightening Improves Skin Quality

As you age your skin is exposed to many different influential factors which can change how it looks and feels. Things that go on inside your body, such as natural reductions in the production of hormones, along with external issues like sun and chemical exposure over time can cause sags, wrinkles and other skin issues. One popular skincare method to combat some of those issues is the process of laser skin tightening, the basics of which are outlined below.

How Lasers Perform Skin Tightening Actions

As you may know, lasers are concentrated beams of light. The lasers used in the skincare industry are specially calibrated to be safe to use on the human body. The light used by skincare lasers also produces heat, and that combination triggers certain responses inside the body. One of those responses is to cause skin tightening collagen to contract. As the collagen tightens, the skin will do so as well. Laser procedures can also coerce your body into making more collagen, along with elastin and other materials which are known for strengthening cellular bonds.

What Happens at a Laser Skin Tightening Appointment

Due to the fact that lasers produce a lot of heat it is important for you to arrive at a laser skin tightening appointment without any sunscreen, lotion or other substances which could be cooked by the laser on your skin. In fact, the technician may clean your skin before treating it with a laser. After your skin is free of any potentially dangerous substances the technician will use an anesthetic cream which will not react badly with laser devices to make sure the skin in the area to be treated is numb so you will be comfortable during the procedure.

The laser treatment procedure will require your technician to use short laser bursts coupled with blasts of cooling air to repeatedly treat your skin over a period usually not exceeding an hour or so. Technicians have successfully used cosmetic devices operating with laser technology in that manner for years. You might find that your skin looks red or feeds warm for a few hours after your treatment is over, but that should be the extent of your discomfort.

Making Sure You Can be Treated with Lasers

Not everyone should be treated with skincare lasers. If your sagging skin is already severe then surgery may be a more effective option for you. Lasers are meant for treating mild to moderate skin problems only. Also, you may need to choose a different form of skin treatment if your skin is oily enough for the clinician to deem lasers to be unsafe in your case. Such issues will be reviewed by your clinician during your initial consultation appointment.

How Long it Takes for Laser Treatment to Work

It usually takes between three and six months for the collagen stimulation which comes from laser treatment to fully develop. However, you may see some signs of improvement right away after the first treatment and more gradually as time passes. The exact time period and extent of the results will depend on your individual case. You may also require multiple laser treatments spread at least 21 days apart in order to eventually achieve the best possible results. After approximately six treatments you may find your results have stabilized, but if your skin ever loosens again you may choose to have extra skincare procedures.


Laser skin care treatments seemed like a pretty viable option to quickly and safely correct skin care issues.  Have you ever tried laser skin care treatments?

Please share your thoughts!




Luxetips Style! Stylish Pet Clothing: Keep Your Pet Stylish For The Holidays!

Luxetips Style! Stylish Pet Clothing: Keep Your Pet Stylish For The Holidays!

Hello Divas!

Its been awhile but we are back! The holidays are here and we have plenty of “Luxetips” to share with you during the holiday season!

i know you Divas love your pets! Why not make sure they are cute and fashionable during the holidays! Check it out!

If we can be fashionable, who says our pets can’t as well? Our animal friends like to go where we go, and even celebrities, who are constantly attacked by photographers, use their fur babies as fashion accessories. We tend to spend our paychecks on our pet’s wardrobe instead of our own (or is that just me and everyone at
Here are some of the best clothing brands for your fashion-forward furball.

1. Animal-lover Ellen DeGeneres has her own dog and cat clothes label, which you can find at PetSmart. It has everything from bandanas, collars, and even colognes. One of my favorite choices is the bandana and bowtie cat collar. The collar comes with a bell, and your kitty will definitely rock the polka dots.


2. Target helps you get into the holiday spirit with animal sweaters and hats, all for reasonable prices. There’s also a stylish selection of Halloween costumes for all sizes, but if you don’t want to wait until next fall, I recommend throwing a costume party. Might I suggest a superhero theme?


3. Urban Pup allows you the option of creating your own clothing, from the color to the slogan, which is great for those who have pets that are particularly picky about what they wear. After all, with a keen eye, you can DIY!


4. Did you know Ralph Lauren has its own line of pet clothing? You should start saving now, as some of the cashmere sweaters will cost you a whopping $200. For more designer clothing, you can search the pet section of Saks Fifth Avenue, where you can buy sweaters, vests, leashes, and dog collars.


5. There are plenty of clothing options for your non-canine and feline friends too. For example, meet celebrity siblings Priscilla and Poppleton Pig. Amazon also sells plenty of accessories for rodents, like mice, rabbits, and chinchillas. There’s even an Etsy artist who crochets cozies for tortoises so that you can spot them in your yard. Always in style is the minion costume.


Some pets take pride in their fashion and want to look their best while on the job. It’s up to us to help them pick out the best accessories for their body shape.




Disclaimer: Sponsored post written by

Luxetips Events!  Culture Drivers Presented by Infiniti! Uber Luxe!

Luxetips Events! Culture Drivers Presented by Infiniti! Uber Luxe!

Hello Divas!

Seek balance to have a full and enriched life.

I simply love an event that fuses hot cars and urban culture!  So hot!

On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, Infinity and UrbanDaddy presented such an event at The Foundry at Puritan Mill in bustling West Midtown for Culture Drivers.  Culture Drivers was an interactive and uber swanky event featuring art, culture, food and cocktails with the oh so fabulous celebrity chef Roblé Ali.  Amazing!  With an experience at every corner, guests also enjoyed live dance and painting performances, a special DJ performance from DJ Salah, and visual demonstrations inspired by food throughout the night.

Check it out!


So fab!


Luxetips Travel! Panama City Luxury Family Beach Rental: Casual Luxe!

Luxetips Travel! Panama City Luxury Family Beach Rental: Casual Luxe!

Hello Divas!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy!

As a surprise for my husband’s birthday, I planned a weekend getaway to the beach.  My goal was to find a beach town between 4 and 5 hours away from Atlanta that was reasonable and with perfect weather.  Luckyly, I found the perfect luxury beach house and location in Panama City Beach, FL via Lazy Zone Vacations.

Lazy Zone Vacations has two luxurious beach houses (Dog Dayz and Double Down) in Panama City Beach that are less than a minute walk to the beach.  The houses are a short 5 minute drive to grocery stores, shops and restaurants while also being a quick 10 minute drive to popular beach towns such as Rosemary Beach and Seaside.

We rented the Dog Dayz property for two luxurious days and nights and it is by far one of the most beautiful and relaxing beach vacations we ever experienced.  This beach house is luxurious, spacious, gorgeous and chock full of luxe amenities!  Check it out!

The house has 6 full bedrooms and 5.5 baths.  It can sleep up to 16 people comfortably.   Since it was only 6 of us on this trip, all four of our kids were able to have their own rooms with full bathrooms in each room.  The house has three levels.  The main level contains a huge open marble kitchen with stainless steel appliances and stocked with dishes, cookware, silverware and anything else you may need while on vacay.  The main level also has a full living area, dining area, master bedroom and bathroom, laundry room and half bathroom.  It has an open floor plan so it is the perfect area for families to enjoy a meal while also watching TV or playing boardgames.

One of my favorite aspects of the main level living space is the full patio.  It is a dream!  It has a pool, lounge chairs, a ping pong table, a full dining table, a bar with ceramic grill and plenty of pool toys for the kids. We  lounged on the patio enjoying the sun, swimming in the pool or playing games.  We enjoyed several delicious grilled meals on the deck. Fabulous!

The middle level has 4 bedrooms with full baths, ridiculously comfortable queen beds, 2 floating bunk beds with trundles and a full deck connected to two bedrooms. On this level there is a second laundry room.  Love it!  With two laundry rooms located in the house, there is no need to overpack.  Clean clothes and towels are a simple wash away.  As a mom of 4 kids, this is one luxury I now have to have on vacay! LOL!

The top level was a favorite for me and one of my son’s.  This level has a huge open family room with a beautiful comfortable sectional that can sit 10 plus people. It has a mini-bar, kitchen, full bath and bedroom with 4 floating bunk beds. It also has a huge deck where I laid out on the comfy furniture in the evening and watched the sunset over the beautiful ocean. Priceless. The top level also is stocked full of board games and books. So we were never bored!

Of course this house has other luxe perks and amenities.  The house literally has flat screen tvs in every room! All tvs are smart tvs so there are so many options for watching movies and shows for some quality family time.  In addition, the house is so beautifully decorated we felt like we were living in a dream home out of Architectural Digest.  The design is simple luxury. The décor makes you feel right at home in such a luxurious setting.  It has beautiful hardwood floors, high end comfortable furniture and luxe accents.

My family loved this house!  We had so much space to either spend time solo or as a family. We talked, we slept, we played games, we swam, we watched unbelievable sunrises and sunsets and truly enjoyed the beach. We can’t wait to get back!

This is the perfect house for Spring Breaks, Fall Breaks, Winter Breaks and Summer Vacay.  The houses fill up pretty quickly during high season which is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

If you are interested in renting either property, prices are as follows:

Dog Dayz rents for $600-$1025 per night (taxes, cleaning fee, pet fee if applicable, and damage deposit are additional)
Double Down rents for $725-$1100 per night (taxes, cleaning fee and damage deposit are additional)

These prices are great considering the house can accommodate 2-3 families.

Double Down

At certain times of the year, typically from Oct-Feb, Lazy Zones Vacations offers the top and bottom units of Double Down separately.

The Top of Double Down 7 bed/6 bath rents for $600-800 per night (taxes, cleaning fee and damage deposit are additional)
The Bottom of Double Down 2 bed/2 bath rents $200-250 per night (taxes, cleaning fee, and damage deposit are additional)

Lazy Zone Vacations/Luxetips Promo Code!

And as an added bonus, Lazy Zone Vacations is partnering with Luxetips to offer an incentive with the promo code: Luxetips Travel. Whoohoo!

With the exception of Memorial Day through Labor Day and the week before & after Easter Sunday (all of which are peak season times), guests booking a minimum of 5 nights can receive a free night on the same stay (buy 5 get 6th free, buy 6 get 7th free, etc.) Guests booking 4 nights will be offered an early check in/late check out, if available. Check in is normally 4pm, checkout is normally 10am. If those requests cannot be accommodated based on existing reservations or no availability, Lazy Zone Vacations will offer a Welcome gift valued at $100.

To receive any of these offers, be sure to use the promo code: Luxetips Travel when booking.

Be sure to check property availability at  Contact the property via email or phone for pricing, conditions of booking, etc at:

Clarissa Zimmermann


Here are a few more pics of my family and I enjoying the sugar white sand beach and perfect weather!



Luxetips Travel! How to Have an Exclusive Vacation Experience in Crete

Luxetips Travel! How to Have an Exclusive Vacation Experience in Crete

Hello Divas!

You only have one life to live…Live the life you want by any means necessary! XO!

You Divas know how much I love the Greek Isles as I have been twice and even got engaged while sailing the Greek Isle on a luxury yacht. Swoon!

Check out some luxe and amazing things to do on the Greek Island of Crete.  I haven’t been to Crete, but now it is on my list!  Check it out!

While there are times when you’re just looking for a simple and basic getaway, other times you’re looking for more of an exclusive experience. When you’re trying to decide on that perfect destination for your exclusive vacation, the country of Greece, and more specifically the island of Crete, is one that has been extremely popular with tourists. The Greek islands saw a record number of tourists last year, and 2017 is shaping up to be just the same.

Crete is, in fact, the perfect destination for those looking to experience something unique, luxurious, and exclusive. With just a little planning, and maybe a travel guide, you’re sure to put together a trip that is truly memorable. So how can you make sure that your Crete holiday is in fact exclusive? Here are some tips and ideas you can use.

Book a Luxury Private Villa

What better way to feel like a true star than to book a luxurious private Crete villa. All you have to do is take a look at the options available and you’ll be convinced this is the way to go before you visit Crete. You’ll be able to choose the number of bedrooms, how many guests will be staying there, whether or not it is seaside and/or secluded, and whether children are welcome.

A villa in Crete allows you to have an entire home to yourself. This means you don’t have to go out for meals, you can just stay in and completely relax in your surroundings. They tend to feature luxurious amenities such as private pools, outdoor living space, scenic views, and are usually within close proximity to local attractions and sites.

Relax Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Of course, it doesn’t get more exclusive and luxurious than visiting a stunning Greek spa and Crete has many to choose from. Enjoy such amenities as spectacular ocean views, private pools, and a whole host of exclusive spa treatments.

Sometimes this is combined with the luxury villas – Blue Villas for example offer ‘spa’ villas in Crete that are already equipped with both gym and spar rooms – this gives you two exclusive experiences in one package.

Engage in a Private Yacht Tour

If you’re visiting Crete, it is an absolute must that you get out on the water and enjoy the shores from a different angle. Private luxury yachts are available for rental so you can charter one for a couple of hours or even a full day.

Go ahead and stick to the shores of Crete, or have your ship’s captain take you to the neighbouring islands of Mykonos and Santorini to see what the other islands have to offer. This is a great way to really expand your horizons and experience more of the Greek culture and take in sights not seen on land. As well as this, many other beach activities will be offered for example a range of water sports.

Hop on a Helicopter Taxi

You’re familiar with using taxis to get you around town, but what about using a helicopter as your “taxi”? It really doesn’t get more exclusive and luxurious than this.

You can board a helicopter and take a private ride to Santorini, where you will get the ultimate look at the whitewashed houses perched high upon the cliffs. Understandably, it might be more logic for people to go for a car rental, which can be almost as exclusive if you choose the right rental service.

Sign Up for a Private Travel Guide

If it’s your first time visiting Greece’s largest island, then you may be surprised at how much there is to see and do. With that said, a guided tour can certainly help to show you all the hidden gems, as well as the obvious blue water and sandy beaches.

Rather than tag along with a group tour and have a very basic and commonplace experience, why not book with a private tour guide. This provides you with a more in-depth experience and often these tours can be customised to your liking.

Planning exclusive holidays in Crete is rather easy thanks to the number of options available to tourists. You can really make it very memorable.


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. 

Luxetips Events! Annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares Fashion Show: A Luxe Cause

Luxetips Events! Annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares Fashion Show: A Luxe Cause

Hello Divas!

Love is a verb.

Last Monday, I attended the Annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares Fashion Show at Phipps Plaza in the Buckhead region of Atlanta, GA.  Jeffrey Fashion Cares is the brainchild of Jeffrey Kalinsky, creator of two namesake boutiques in Atlanta and Manhattan.   If you don’t know, this is the premiere fashion and charity event in Atlanta.  This event includes a live fashion show, silent and live auction and all proceeds benefit Aids Atlanta and Susan G. Komen Atlanta. The event has been in existence for 25 years and has raised over 15 million dollars! So fab!

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was once again hosted by Event Chairs Lila Hertz, Jeffrey McQuithy and Louise Sams.  A sold-out evening, the City’s most notable gathered in Phipps Plaza in the heart of Buckhead to enjoy a high-energy reception and silent auction followed by a live auction and runway show featuring Kalinsky’s style selections from high-end designers such as Celine, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Valentino, Dries van Noten, Saint Laurent Paris, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik.
Kalinsky and Jeffrey Fashion Cares were also granted a Phoenix Award, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a citizen for service to the City of Atlanta by the Mayor. The award recognizes outstanding achievements and service to the city, state, nation or world.
Of course the event did not disappoint!  There were beautiful and stylishly dressed Atlantans, delish bites, signature cocktails and of course beautiful fashions. Check it out!


Luxetips Style! ADAC Home Furnishing Product Showcase: Home Luxe!

Luxetips Style! ADAC Home Furnishing Product Showcase: Home Luxe!

Hello Divas!

Be true to yourself.  Live the life you want. Never settle. Embrace those who embrace you.  Avoid drama and chaos.  Protect your space. Let go of negative people and energy. Positive vibes only.  You only have one life to live. Live it wisely.

ADAC just had their latest showcase and it was super fab!

ADAC is both a national and regional one-stop shopping resource for interior designers, architects, specifiers, and builders, and is open to the design enthusiasts alike. In addition, signature industry presentations, celebrity and media events, educational programs and networking opportunities held throughout the year.

This year’s showcase featured ultra luxe and modern interior furnishing from brands such as Camengo, Janus et cie, Kolo, and Phillip Jeffries just to name a few.

The event took place July 12th and was super fab!  There were gorgeous furnishings, talented professionals, light bites and cocktails.

Check it out!



Gorgeous!  Visit this link to see the entire product launch showcase booklet.


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