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Luxetips Beauty! Essence Festival Highlights! Interview With Lisa Nichols and My Black is Beautiful Brand Ambassadors

Luxetips Beauty! Essence Festival Highlights! Interview With Lisa Nichols and My Black is Beautiful Brand Ambassadors

Hello Divas!

Remember P.U.S.H.  Pray Until Something Happens!

Being a My Black Is Beautiful Social Media Correspondent at the Essence Music Festival via the Niche Parent Network was an amazing experience.  I really got the opportunity to lean what The My Black is Beautiful initiative is all about at the My Black Is Beautiful booth at the Essence Music Festival.  It is about self-acceptance: loving yourself just as you are.  It is also about being glam and gorgeous!


I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Nichols, life transformational expert.  She teamed up with My Black is Beautiful (MBIB) and Imagine A Future (IAF) to present the 30-day beauty in action” challenge.  Ms. Nichols’ spirit and words of wisdom was so inspiring and uplifting.  My conversation with her made my day!  Here is what she had to say:

“I partnered with My Black Is Beautiful because I just agreed with the statement.  Yes My Black is Beautiful! We created the 30 days of Beauty In Action Challenge for black women and girls to have a safe space to just just be:  for us to be brilliant but broken, powerful and afraid, beautiful yet uncertain.  The initiative allows black women and girls to just relax and be who they are.”  


Love her!  After our talk she had my spirit singing!

I also had the opportunity to interview two of the new My Black is Beautiful Brand Ambassadors.  My Black is Beautiful did a nationwide search for Brand Ambassadors that represent the My Black is Beautiful message.  These women are beautiful, educated, and actually doing something in their community to help others.  

Ebony Combs is from Mansfield, TX and started a non-profit for single moms called her namesake Ebony:  See Yourself Naked.  The organization helps single mothers realize that despite being a single mom and the stress that comes with that role, they can still chase and realize their dreams and be beautiful.  As a single mother, I totally connected with Ebony.  As I say Divas, despite your circumstance, never stop dreaming!  I asked Ebony what has her My Black Is Beautiful experience been like since becoming an Ambassador.  This is what she had to say:


“It has been indescribable.  To see my dreams come true is such a blessing.  I am free to be me and free to inspire other women to be themselves as well.” 

I also had the opportunity to interview Feyisayo Odulkoya.  Feyisayo is from Cheverly, MD and is only 23 years old.  She started a non-profit for young girls to be comfortable in their own skin and to love themselves.  She was working in accounting and decided that her purpose was to mentor young girls.  And thus her journey begin.    Feyisayo also stated:


“Being a My Black is Beautiful Brand Ambassador allows me to help and mentor young black girls on a larger platform.  This experience has been amazing!”

The My Black Is Beautiful Booth at the Essence Music Festival was also the place to come and get free makeovers!  Whohoo!  There was a constant line at the booth.  Who doesn’t want to get free make-up and hair styling for the concerts taking place each night?? Of course I hopped in the chair and got my hair touched up and got the best makeover ever!  


All of the My Black Is Beautiful stylists and makeup artist were local New Orleans professionals and they were excellent! It was so much fun taking time out for some beauty therapy.  The artists used Covergirl cosmetics and Pantene styling products.

  unnamed-2 unnamed-6

It was an honor to be a part of the My Black Is Beautiful social media correspondent team.  Here we are!


Renee J. Ross, Bernetta of Bernetta Styles, Raijean of Swa-Rai.com, Cocktails With Mom, and Nadia Jones, creator of the Niche Parent Network. 



Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Is Giving Away a 2015 Ford Mustang at Essence Music Festival!

Luxetips Automobiles! Ford Is Giving Away a 2015 Ford Mustang at Essence Music Festival!




Hello Divas!

Falling is so hard, but you have to find the strength to get back up.

The Essence Music Festival kicks off tomorrow and festival goers are gearing up for a weekend of great music and fun!

This year The Ford Motor Company is once again the exclusive automotive sponsor of the Essence Music Festival.  Ford will have the popular and super fun Ford Booth at the Convention Center.  At the Ford Booth festival goers can participate in giveaways, ride and drives and live Sirius XM broadcasts with celebs!

This year Ford will also host Pink Friday on July 4.  In an effort to raise breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection, Ford will donate $20 per test drive, for the first 200 test drives, to the Ford Warriors in Pink program.  This is super exciting and near and dear to me because my friend Tracy Nicole is a Ford Model of Courage and breast cancer survivor.  I will definitely participate in the ride and drive! 

Of course I saved the best for last!  This year Ford is giving away the all new 2015 Mustang which will be available this fall! Wowza!  I love the Ford Mustang!  Did you see my post on my dream vintage Ford Mustang?? Hotness.

Via Ford,

One ESSENCE Festival attendee will leave the event the new owner of a 2015 Ford Mustang, which arrives in dealerships this fall. As Ford continues to celebrate 50 years of the iconic pony car, it is providing the opportunity for festival attendees to win keys to the all-new Mustang by visiting the Ford booth inside the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and registering for the chance to win. The car will be given away by Nephew Tommy of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” live in the Superdome on Sunday, July 6.


So if you are attending the Essence Music Festival, make sure you visit the Ford Booth for entertainment and prizes.  And be sure to enter to win that 2015 Mustang!  I am praying I win!






Luxetips Beauty! Road to Essence: My Black Is Beautiful-Beauty In Action!

Luxetips Beauty! Road to Essence: My Black Is Beautiful-Beauty In Action!

Hello Divas!

Change can be good or bad. It all depends on your perspective.


This year the Essence Music Festival is celebrating 20 years of music, self-empowerment seminars, and community.  The Essence Music Festival was started 20 years ago by Essence Magazine, the premier luxe  magazine targeted to women of color, and takes place yearly in New Orleans.  Festival goers enjoy musical acts ranging from jazz, hip-hop, soul, R&B, and pop.  This year the legendary Prince is the headliner and it is the must attend event this 4th of July weekend.  

My Black is Beautiful (MBIB), is a sponsor of the Essence Music Festival and is celebrating 20 years of Essence with the “Beauty In Action” #BIAJourney challenge in partnership with nationally renowned transformational expert, Lisa Nichols.   The “Beauty In Action” #BIAJourney challenge encourages women and girls to show their “beauty in action” by sharing what encourages them to believe that beauty is more than skin deep.  At MBIB, women and young girls across the country are encouraged to define their own beauty every day.   


One of the themes of the challenge is “self-acceptance” and feeling beautiful inside out.  My own personal journey of self-acceptance and feeling beautiful inside out as a been a long but a transforming experience.  

Growing up I struggled with loving my brown skin.  Although my parents told me I was beautiful, I didn’t love my skin.  As an child, it seemed to my adolescent mind that girls with lighter skin were getting all of the praise and attention, while those of us with darker skin were not.

My angst about my skin grew as I became a teenager.  Despite being a cheerleader, on the track team, and at the top of my class, I still felt inadequate.  I longed for lighter skin and longer hair to attract the most popular boys.  It didn’t help that I had an acne problem and my Mom constantly tried to find a solution to treat my acne with frequent over the counter products and dermatology visits.

By the end of high school, the acne was under control, but I still did not feel comfortable in my skin.  However, all of that changed when I chose to attend a Historically Black University (HBCU) in Florida.  The minute I stepped on campus, I saw all types of beautiful black women with skin in varying shades of brown.  These girls were confident and loved their skin.  More importantly, skin color was not an issue with the men or women on campus.  It seemed as if the HBCU environment gave us the freedom to “just be” and not be obsessed with skin color.  We could all love and appreciate our beautiful skin freely.  The most wonderful thing about that environment is that everyone, regardless of how light or dark your skin is, is lauded for their beauty.  Constantly hearing the words “you are beautiful” or “your skin is gorgeous” everyday is a uplifting and transformative experience.  And the most beautiful thing is that you give the love back.


My HBCU experience gave me confidence to love my own unique self inside and out.  I begin to love my beautiful brown skin while also learning how to ultimately love myself and just to be happy with who I am. 

I am proud to represent MBIB as a My Black is Beautiful Social Media Correspondent for the Essence Music Festival.  Be sure to visit MBIB website: http://ow.ly/yzYjL, Visit MBIB on Facebook: http://ow.ly/yzYoc and join the conversation on social media by using the #BIAJourney hashtag on social media during Essence Festival weekend. 

I hope to see you there!



Disclaimer:  “I am a Niche Parent Network & Conference influencer and received compensation for this post and to attend Essence Festival as a My Black is Beautiful Social Media Correspondent. All opinions are my own.” 




Luxetips Travel! The Peninsula Hotel Comes to Paris!

Luxetips Travel! The Peninsula Hotel Comes to Paris!

Hello Divas!

I want to share with you one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Treat people with care and respect. 


The super luxurious hotel chain, Peninsula Hotels is making their grand debut into Paris.  The Peninsula Paris recently opened and it sits just a few steps away from the famous Arc de Triomphe and Avenue des Champs Elysées at 19 Avenue Kléber in the heart of the elegant 16th arrondissement.  The original property was the Hotel Majestic and the property includes a rich history.  

Via Peninsula Hotels

The property is a late 19th century classic French-style building, which first opened in 1908 as the Hotel Majestic. One of Paris’ most famous landmarks, the Majestic “grand hotel” enjoyed 40 years hosting the rich and famous, the titled and tycoons, together with leading lights in the world of the arts, literature and music during the “Belle Epoque” and “Années Folles”, when Paris was at the height of its creativity and glamour. Historical highlights include George Gershwin composing “An American in Paris” while staying at the hotel in 1928, while the Paris Peace Accords, negotiated by Henry Kissinger and bringing the Vietnam War to a close, were signed in 1973 in the salon which is today Le Bar Kléber.

The building has been meticulously restored and offers all of the glamour, luxury, and technology expected of the Peninsula brand. 

Check out the pictures of this luxury property:





What a beautiful place!  This is definitely a place to visit on a honeymoon or just to treat yourself to the very best!

Prices start at $945.00 US per night. Definitely a luxury treat!



Luxetips Events! Hublot Novelty Collection Media Luncheon

Luxetips Events! Hublot Novelty Collection Media Luncheon

Hello Divas!

If you can’t be someone’s number one choice, move on. You deserves nothing but the very very best!


Hublot luxury timepieces recently debuted their new Novelty Collection and of course the collection is creative, gorgeous, and luxurious. Hublot hosted a media luncheon last week to showcase the new collection.



Hublot King Special One. Love this blue!

The event took place at Capital Grill in Buckhead and included a 3 course delicious meal and super luxe timepieces.


Hublot timepieces are made from the finest materials including gold, platinum, diamonds and titanium. Prices start at $10,000.00

Check our more pics from the event!

1K9B2887-S !  







Luxetips Automobiles! Vintage 1961 Ford Thunderbird

Luxetips Automobiles! Vintage 1961 Ford Thunderbird

Hello Divas!

God does answer prayers. Never stop praying!


Another one of my favorite classic cars is the 1961 Ford Thunderbird.  This car has all the styling and glamour a luxe diva wants.  I first saw this car 10 years ago riding down a street in Atlanta.  I followed the car because I wanted to know where the owner had found it.  Low and behold, he led me to a whole shop full of Thunderbirds from 1961-1963.  This was their speciality:  restoring classic Thunderbirds.  I will never forget that day and it is still a car I salivate over.

Ford updated the body and styling of the Thunderbird from 1961-1963.  This is called the 3rd generation of the Thunderbird.  The body was more sleek and sporty than previous models. The new 1961 Thunderbirds introduced many first in the automotive industry.  They included: 

‘Swing Away’ steering wheel. With the transmission in the park position the steering wheel would slide approximately 18 inches (460 mm) to the right allowing the driver to exit the vehicle easily.

Floating rear view mirror, which is now standard in cars today. 

Several standard features, like power steering and power brakes, back up lights and bucket seats.  These were available in other cars, but were costly add-ons.

The engine consisted of a  390 cu in (6.4 L) FE-series V8.

1963 Thund��

It was also available in a 2-door hard top coupe or 2-door convertible.

It is a gorgeous car and I still love it!

The average resale price for a 1961 Ford Thunderbird is $16,500.00


Luxetips Beauty! Loxa Beauty: Featuring Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Luxetips Beauty! Loxa Beauty: Featuring Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Hello Divas!

Never give up. Even when you feel like you can’t take another step forward, you just have to try and take the step.  


As you Divas know, I love nail polish.  I do the Nails and Cocktails posts when I’m drinking cocktails  🙂 and nail polish posts just to showcase cool nail polish brands I love.  

Well I have a new favorite nail polish I discovered via Loxa Beauty.  Loxa Beauty is a online commerce site that offers consumers all things fab in beauty.  The site separates itself from the rest by offering more than 3,000 top salon products while providing a commission to salons and stylists every time a sale is made.  Fabulous!

The good folks over at Loxa Beauty sent me some nail polish from the site to try.  Now I try a lot of nail polish.  But I truly love Morgan Taylor.  Morgan Taylor nail polish is very rich and goes on super smooth.  It does not streak.  It dries super fast and they have gorgeous colors.  My new favorite color right now is Morgan Taylor’s “Gotta Have Hue.”  Isn’t this just the perfect blue for Summer?

photo 2

Luxe baby loves it too!

photo 1

They also have the most perfect nude, “Birthday Suit.”  I must say it looks good on my skin. 

photo 3

Morgan Taylor Nail polish retails for $8.50. 

Be sure to check out the other products on Loxa Beauty.  


Luxetips Style! Suitsupply Fall/Winter Collection: Luxe Menswear

Hello Divas!


The new uber-cool menswear company, Suitsupply, has debuted their new Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and it is HOT!

The collection features patterns ranging from subtle checks to bold windowpanes to classic houndstooth, which shows up in suits, coats, shirts, ties, socks, and an incredibly elegant double-breasted overcoat that is one of the collection’s many standout pieces.


Suitsupply uses rich fabrics in this collection and fabrics range from luxe cashmere blends to hardy tweeds.  Some of my favorite pieces include quilted bomber jackets, tab-collared dress shirts, chunky knits, rugged dress boots, and irreverent takes on classic evening wear. 


You can find more information on where to find a Suitsupply location near you here.  Suit prices start at $469.



Luxetips Style! Tracy Nicole Clothing: Casual Luxe

Luxetips Style! Tracy Nicole Clothing: Casual Luxe

Hello Divas!

Sometimes we just have to let go and let God!


My friend Tracy Nicole, a Ford Motor Company Model of Courage, is also an AMAZING clothing designer.  I love her Tracy Nicole Clothing line.  We at Luxetips call the line: casual luxe.

Tracy Nicole Clothing is made from soft comfortable fabrics that stretch and is forgiving to a woman’s body.  The pieces allow the wearer to be comfortable while also stylish and subtly sexy at the same time.  

What I love the most about Tracy Nicole Clothing is that the clothing works with ALL body types and more importantly the pieces are still wearable as you go through transitional periods in your life.  For example, if you experience weight loss or weight gain due to pregnancy, illness, etc., the pieces will still fit and look fabulous.  They are also great for women that have surgical procedures and need soft comfortable fabrics as they go through the healing process.  Genius!

The clothing is a celebrity favorite and is endorsed and worn by actress Terri J.Vaughn, Mary Mary, Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, Tionne “T-boz” Watkins, and Jasmine Guy.

 photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4



You can purchase Tracy Nicole Clothing online here.  The pieces run between $45 and $98.


Luxetips Travel! Delta Vacations Promo: Luxe Travel Starting From $456 Per Person

Luxetips Travel! Delta Vacations Promo: Luxe Travel Starting From $456 Per Person

Hello Divas!

Life is too short to be in an unhappy situation.  Always choose happiness and peace!



Delta Vacations is offering an AMAZING deal right now at an unbelievable price.  Starting from only $456 per person, this deal includes: flight, 4 night stay at a Starwood property, and all taxes and fees.  Wowza! I need to pack a bag right now!

If you book The Starwood Hotels and Resort package at Delta Vacations between now and July 31, 2014, you will have fabulous vacation options staying at one of my absolute favorite hotel brands, Starwood Hotels.  Starwood Hotels and Resorts include The Westin, W Hotels, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection and Sheraton properties.

wes1386gr.146009_md wes1386gr.101663_md

This deal also includes:  

  • Roundtrip transfers between airport and hotel in select destinations
  • Luggage handling at select hotels
  • Assistance of a local representative while in select destinations
  • 24/7 access to our Destination Help Center

One of the featured vacations is round trip air-fare and a 4 night stay at The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.  Simply stunning!


The stay comes with complimentary breakfast and discount golf and spa services.   

There are many destinations to choose from and be sure to book your vacation now.

Travel has to be completed by October 31, 2014.