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Luxetips Travel! From Santorini to Kos Greece With MDFVOYAGE 2016: A Luxe Adventure

Luxetips Travel! From Santorini to Kos Greece With MDFVOYAGE 2016: A Luxe Adventure

Hello Divas!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy it!


And speaking of how beautiful life truly is, I had the amazing opportunity to sail the Greek Isles once again with Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage.  Last year I went on an eight day yacht cruise with MDFVoyage and we visited several Greek Isles and the gorgeous port city of Datca, Turkey.  This year the voyage included an eight day voyage from the STUNNING Santorini to the bustling isle of Kos.


This trip truly delighted all the senses:  the scenery was gorgeous, the food was delectable, the sound of the sea was calming, the smell of fresh flowers and herbs on the islands was the best aromatherapy and the Mediterranean Sea feels simply luxurious! This voyage is living the luxe life at its best!

Our first day of our journey started on the beautiful island of Santorini.  I have always wanted to visit Santorni and Santorini is a popular tourist destination. Why?  Because of this:


Santorini has black beaches and red beaches plus the most beautiful architecture you will ever see.  The most popular area of Santorini is Oia.  Oia has pristine white cave houses that are built into the mountains and super fab resorts with infinity pools.  Of course the views from Oia are simply breathtaking.


We met the passengers and staff from the MDFVoyage at Ammoudi Fish Tavern.  This restaurant is located in the harbor overlooking the blue green sea.

IMG_7470 IMG_7472 IMG_7473

The MDFVoyage staff treated us to a delicious lunch of fresh fish, fresh greek salad and homemade bread. Yum!



After our lunch, we visited our gorgeous yacht to settle in and receive orientation and our itinerary for our 8 day voyage.  We checked out our accommodations which included a large nicely decorated cabin and bathroom.  We also toured the yacht and all of its amenities.  The yacht has an upper sunning deck, den area, large dining table on the deck, comfy deck sofa that can fit an army of 15 people and front deck for fitness.  It also includes a full kitchen, staff quarters and can accommodate up to 16 passengers.  So Fab!

IMG_7487 tumblr_o855ksZDjM1t6lztao1_1280


We then relaxed a bit before the staff took us back to the harbor to begin our 2 mile hike in Santorini.

Our hike taking in the gorgeous beauty of Santorini was amazing.  We hiked to the town of Oia to see the most beautiful sunset ever.  Check us out!

IMG_3772 IMG_3780  IMG_3786 IMG_3795IMG_3804IMG_3807Photo 22.06.2016 18 55 44Photo 22.06.2016 19 46 02


Photo 22.06.2016 20 10 04 Photo 22.06.2016 20 06 59

After watching the sunset, the MDFVoyage staff had a surprise for us.  All guest were invited to take a donkey ride down the mountainside on Oia’s famed wide stone steps.  In all there were 237 super steep stone steps to go down.  The steps ended at the harbor where we would take our dingy to our yacht.  Yikes! LOL!

IMG_3691 IMG_3702 IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3694 IMG_3701 IMG_3707

Of course the donkey trek was optional, like all MDFVoyage activities and adventures, and I hesitated awhile before I agreed to do it.  I was scared! And the donkey ride was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done.  But there was no need to fear because the donkeys have been taking this trek down the Santorini mountainside for hundred of years and they did it with pizazz and ease.  Once I was at the bottom, I was thanking God we made it alive, but it was the most thrilling thing I have ever done.  I felt like I could do anything! Yeah me!

Our first day in Santorini was filled with beauty, amazing food and adventure.  Afterwards we had dinner and crashed.  We needed our rest because the next day was more adventurous and full of fun surprises.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about the rest of my journey with MDFVoyage sailing the Greek Isles.


Disclaimer:  MDFVoyage provided complimentary accommodations for this trip.  However, I did pay for my travel expenses.  All opinions are mine and 100% honest.






Luxetips Automobiles! Lexus LX 570: Luxury for the Entire Family

Luxetips Automobiles! Lexus LX 570: Luxury for the Entire Family

Hello Divas!

It is so important to take time for yourself.  Everyone needs time to think, reflect, rest and enjoy life.


I love Lexus vehicles.  They are super luxurious, have superior performance and full of great technology.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to test drive the all new 2016 Lexus LX 570.  The Lexus LX 570 is Lexus’s top of the line SUV.  This vehicle is the ultimate luxury SUV and is very competitive in its classs.

Style and Design

The outside design of the Lexus LX 570 is gorgeous!  The design of the chrome grille is stunning.  It certainly turns heads.


The vehicle also comes standard with 21 inch chrome rims. Love it!

The leather in the Lexus LX 570 is the best leather I have ever experienced in a luxury vehicle.  Your body simply melts into the leather seats.  So luxe! This extremely soft leather is dyed all the way through, unlike leathers with conventional surface dyes.


The Lexus LX 570 comfortably fits 7 and includes ample storage.  For the ultimate in versatility, you’ll find power-sliding, 60/40-split middle-row seat with a 40/20/40-split seatback, plus a power-folding, 50/50-split third-row seat.  All six of us was able to fit in the Lexus comfortably with ample room for growing kids.  Awesome!

In addition, the Lexus LX 570 has the most luxe and beautiful wood grain accents.  The stunning design of the available Linear Dark Mocha and Linear Espresso steering wheel and matching trim combines the organic feel of natural wood with a layered look that evokes modern art.



The Lexus LX 570 takes technology to another level with the Lexus Enform system.  This system is the brain of the vehicle.  Lexus Enform Destinations offers convenient 24-hour, en-route navigation assistance from a live response center agent who can help you find locations and automatically upload the destinations to your Navigation System.  In addition, Lexus Enform offers an app suite that offers access to your favorite mobile applications through your vehicle’s center-console display.

Lexus Enform also includes other convenient perks!  Check them out:


-Fuel Guide, where you can search for stations by price, brand, distance or grade.

-450-watt Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound Audio System features 19 speakers and 7.1-channel architecture and provides enough clarity for listeners to identify the spatial position of each instrument at play.

-bluetooth technology offers the convenience of accessing and controlling your compatible device’s entire music library and even streaming audio from websites


-dual screen rear entertainment system.  One of my favorite features of the Lexus LX 570 is the dual rear entertainment system.  This system provided plenty of entertainment for my family of 6.   Using a single remote control, one can be used as a DVD/CD player, for instance, and the other as a game console or audio player via HDMI input. For your convenience, a wireless remote, wireless headphones and a two-prong AC power outlet are also included.  The kids loved this feature!  They could watch their favorite movies, listen to their favorite music and play video games.  So fab!


The Lexus LX 570 comes with a 5.7-liter V8 with enhanced acceleration.  I can attest this vehicle has so much power.  Although it is a powerful SUV, the LX 570 drives as smooth as a car.  The vehicle also has off road capabilities, full time four wheel drive, and Adaptive Variable Suspension.  This system monitors and adjusts the electronically controlled shock absorber settings at each wheel, depending on road surface, vehicle speed and your driving style.


I had so much fun testing the new Lexus LX 570.  While driving the Lexus LX 570, I definitely got the VIP treatment.  I kept getting so many compliments on the car and valet was a breeze. LOL!  More importantly, my family loved the vehicle.  It kept the kids entertained and it was a joy to drive.

The Lexus LX 570 starting retail price is $88,000.  You can find more information at



Luxetips Style! The Best Bathing Suit for Every Body Type Via Vogue

Luxetips Style! The Best Bathing Suit for Every Body Type Via Vogue

Hello Divas!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy it!

Summer is here and its time to hit the pools and beaches for fun in the Sun.

And of course that means us Divas have to find the most perfect bathing suit to look fab while lounging.

Lucky for us we have the fashion bible, Vogue, to break down the absolute most perfect bathing suit styles for every body type.  How fab!

Vogue has selected a great variety of swimsuits for athletic, hour glass, long and lean, petite and even for moms.

Check it out!


Hour glass!  That is my body type and I am loving this white bikini.

long and lean

Long and lean.




Moms! So sexy!

For a full slideshow of swimsuits for every body type, visit


Luxetips Automobiles! 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition: Affordable Luxury

Luxetips Automobiles! 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition: Affordable Luxury

Hello Divas!

We all have ups and downs and life can get pretty dicey, but if you just keep moving forward and don’t give up, it is guaranteed to get better.


Recently I had the privilege of test driving the all new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition.  My family and I took this vehicle on a road trip to Clearwater Beach, FL for a mini-vacay.  This vehicle is super luxurious, chock full of innovative technology and super comfortable and spacious.


Luxury defined.

The Ford Explorer Platinum edition takes luxury to another level.  First let’s talk about the extra butta leather seats.  The seats are leather with quilted inserts. The first row seats have the “Platinum” embroidery multi-contour driver and passenger seats.  In addition, the seats come with dual climate control.  Passengers can heat up the seats in the winter and cool down the seats in the Summer.  So regardless of the weather, all passengers are always comfy!


The most amazing thing about the seats in the Ford Explorer Platinum edition is the massage feature.


Yes, the driver and front passenger seats will massage you while driving.  The massage extends from the top of your shoulders to mid thigh.  It is so relaxing but not too relaxing to the put the driver to sleep.  It is such a nice feature and perfect after driving for long hours.


The interior also includes a dual moon roof, ambient lighting and power outlets for electronics throughout the vehicle and more importantly seating for 7!  It fit our family of six with ease!




The Ford Explorer Platinum edition comes with the most amazing sound system!  The premium Sony system with Clear Phase® audio and Live Acoustics™ includes 500 watts, 12 speakers including a subwoofer and a new 14-channel amp. The sound is crisp and clear.  Pure perfection. Passengers can also hook up their electronics through USB ports or Bluetooth to watch movies, play electronics or listen to their personal iTunes library with premium sound.


The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition can almost drive itself!  This car performed amazing feats while we were on our road trip. Check it out!

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist- This feature was the most incredible feature I ever had seen in a vehicle.  If the driver veers into the next lane, this system will shake the car to alert the driver and will automatically veer the vehicle into the correct lane! When I first witnessed this feature, I was stunned! This feature helps to minimize collisions on a long road trip.


Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision warning with brake support– Adaptive Cruise Control is another cool feature of the 2016 Ford Explorer.  This system allows the driver to put the car at a steady speed limit with cruise control.  However, if a car slows down in front of you while you are on cruise control, adaptive cruise control will automatically slow down your vehicle without you ever having to slam on brakes. Genius.


Other safety features include a rear view camera which works amazing well to avoid back-up collisions and enhanced active park assist w/ pull out assist, perpendicular park and flank guard.  I love love love park assist.  Park Assist will alert you to an open parking space and then parallel the vehicle for you.  Amazing!

Of course the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition comes standard with Ford SYNC® with MyFord Touch®.  This feature allows you to connect your mobile devices through bluetooth technology so that you can listen to your music library, access your phone and it provides superior navigation features that will find anything you need on the road while also avoiding traffic. Priceless.


Here are some more pictures of our adventures in Clearwater Beach, FL with the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition.


IMG_7107  IMG_7127  IMG_7131          IMG_7158IMG_7139IMG_7128

This beach….priceless!


The new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition retails for $52,970.



Luxetips Style!  Tahari Arthur S. Levine Brand Now Available In All Sizes!

Luxetips Style! Tahari Arthur S. Levine Brand Now Available In All Sizes!

Hello Divas!

Love is more powerful than hate.  Spread love!

One of my absolute favorite women’s professional attire brands, Tahari Arthur S. Levine is now available in all sizes.  Whoohoo!

When I became a new lawyer working in New York City, I would always purchase Tahari Arthur S. Levine suits for work.  Why?  Because they are the most stylish and high quality suits in the women’s professional market for affordable prices!  I still have most of my Tahari Arthur S. Levine suits.  These suits have lasted over a 15 year period. This is a true testament to the quality of the brand! So luxe!

Tahari Arthur S. Levine uses the finest materials such as crepe wool, detailed stitching and superb cuts.  These suits are simply divine and affordable.  Love, love, love this brand.

Tahari Arthur S. Levine has expanded its brand to include beautiful dresses and gorgeous suited separates to its line.  The brand has also expanded to include plus -sizes! Amazing!  Now Tahari Arthur S. Levine makes beautiful clothes for all women in all sizes. Fab!

Check out some of the pieces!


Love these pieces

6120M831_1_NAVY 6120M699_1_WHITE

Dresses retail at $118.00


6180M175_1_CRYSTAL_YELLOW 6180M963_1_BLUSH_PINK 6180M919_1_BLACK 6180M804_1_NAVY_IVORY

Suits retail at $140.00

Plus Sizes

6129L376_1_SPRING_NAVY 6160L919_1_BLACK

As you can see, Tahari Arthur S. Levine women’s professional attire is affordable, stylish and so luxe! Be sure to visit their website here to purchase one of their divine pieces!


Luxetips! Father’s Day Gift Guide! Sporty Luxe!

Luxetips! Father’s Day Gift Guide! Sporty Luxe!

Hello Divas!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Father’s Day is 2 weeks away and I know all of you Divas are looking for fun and cool gift ideas for Dad.

Well I have complied a list of great Father’s Day gift options that include adventure, fun and relaxation.

Check them out!

1. Race an exotic luxury sports car around a Formula One Track at Atlanta Motorsports Park with The Taste of AMP experience!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.41.28 PM

This gift is for the Dad that loooves sports cars and speed.  This track is Grade A.  It is one of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta.  There are multiple cars to choose from such as Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris and more.  All customers must take a safety driving class before taking the vehicles to the track, which I love, because safety is first!  For a fee of only $550, Dad can experience the Taste of AMP. With this package, Dad will receive a private half-day experience which includes track orientation with a professional driving instructor in Atlanta Motorsports Park’s state-of-the art classroom, laps around the track and get a peak into the day in the life of an Atlanta Motorsports Park member.  So luxe!

2.  Luxe Spa Day at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta.


The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is one of my absolute favorite luxury hotels and The Spa is simply amazing! But did you know that The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental has services specially designed for men.  The “Gentlemen” services include deep therapeutic massages, custom facials specifically for men and manicure and pedicure services.  Love it!  Prices start at $55 for mani-pedi services and $140 for facial and massage services.

3.  Soothe On Demand Massage Services.


Previously I hipped you Divas to Soothe’s On Demand Massage Services. is revolutionizing the massage world by providing affordable, professional and custom massage service to the masses.  You simply book a massage through the app or online and a professional and highly trained massage therapist will arrive to your home, office or hotel room in little as 15 minutes. Love it!  This is the perfect gift for Dad.  You can surprise him with a custom massage in the comfort of his home.  You can set the mood with candles, music and some of his favorite things.  It is the perfect Father’s Day gift! Massage prices start at $99.00.

4.  ESPA The Ultimate Finish Collection


This collection features three everyday essentials for Dad to cleanse, shave and moisturize for soothed, smoothed and energized skin all day. Refreshingly scented with Peppermint and Lemongrass, Invigorating Facewash naturally foams to sweep away impurities while Dual Action ShaveMud smoothes and soothes for a comfortable shave. This miracle mud also doubles as a face mask to draw out impurities and de-sensitize the skin. Finally, quench skin with The Hydrator, a nourishing moisturizer to calm post-shave skin and protect from environmental damage. All encompassed in a handy tin! ($70;

Remember Father’s Day is June 19!  Wishing all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day!




Luxetips Style! #TheFryeLife Summer Styling Event At Ponce City Market: Summer Luxe!

Luxetips Style! #TheFryeLife Summer Styling Event At Ponce City Market: Summer Luxe!

Hello Divas!

Let go and let God!

If you are looking for a really cool and fun event, then you have to attend #TheFryeLife Summer Styling Event next Thursday, June 9th from 7 to 9 p.m at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA.


With the #TheFryeLife Summer StylingEvent, The Frye Company at Ponce City Market is celebrating the arrival of sandal season!  Whoohoo!


FryeEspadrilles FryeGladiator

Enjoy live, acoustic music from Nashville’s SerynAmerican Spirit Whiskey cocktails, and house-made, gourmet s’mores from Cacao. The alented stylists from Soda Salon will also be on hand working their magic at a complimentary braid bar for the ladies in attendance on a first-come, first-served basis. How cool is that! Love it!

The event is open to the public by RSVPing to  The Frye Company’s Atlanta flagship store is located in Ponce City Market at 675 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308. Visit The Frye Company online at

I hope to see you there!



Luxetips Style! Bridal Season Is Here: Check Out these Luxe Bridal Shoes!

Luxetips Style! Bridal Season Is Here: Check Out these Luxe Bridal Shoes!

Hello Divas!

Surrendering to God’s will brings peace and clarity into your life.

Bridal season is here and I am here to hip you luxe Divas to the most luxe bridal shoe styles for 2016!

Bridal season 2016 bridal shoes include lots of bling, height and fantastic creative touches.  Check them out!

Aruna Seth

My absolute favorite bridal shoe is courtesy of Aruna Seth.  I so looove Aruna Seth.  Aruna Seth makes the most beautiful bridal shoes I have ever seen.  Some of the detailing of these exquisite shoes include embellished heels, crystal butterflies and luxurious satin.  These shoes have height, they are platforms but still comfy.  Love it!

1950-main 1896-main

They retail at 660 British pounds.

Christian Louboutin

If you have some money to spend and you want the bling bling, I suggest purchasing these ultra luxe bridal shoes from Christian Louboutin.  All I can say is wowza!



Retail prices starts at $775 US Dollars.

Badgley Mischka

If you are looking for an affordable but yet still luxe option, then Badgley Mischka is the perfect choice!

Badgley Mischka specializes in bridal gowns and accessories.  They have the most beautiful shoes in various styles with an average price of around $250.00

Check them out:

pettal01.400.1 newlyn-wh.400.1 capella-iv.400.1 leigh-wh.260.2

I love all these options!  They are luxurious, in several styles and fits every price point.

Happy Hunting Brides!







Luxetips Travel! Book A Summer Hotel Stay at Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago And Save 15%

Luxetips Travel! Book A Summer Hotel Stay at Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago And Save 15%

Hello Divas!

Positive energy is more powerful than negative energy.  Try it!

If you are traveling to the lovely city of Chicago this Summer, the Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago has an amazing offer!

Book “A Centric Summer” weekend stay between June 24 and September 5 and receive up to 15% off. Guests must book between May 6 and May 31 to take advantage of this offer that’s good Thursdays through Sundays. Whether it’s shopping, theater, dining or architecture travelers are after, Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago is the perfect start to an adventure with its central location that’s just a short walk to everything the wonderful Windy City has to offer.

This hotel is right in the middle of Chicago and the rooms and decor are comfortable and gorgeous!

Check out the pictures!







To book your deal, visit this link! Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago


Luxetips Automobiles! New 2016 Lincoln MKC and The Lincoln Black Label Experience: Luxury Redefined.

Luxetips Automobiles! New 2016 Lincoln MKC and The Lincoln Black Label Experience: Luxury Redefined.

Hello Divas!

Once you get to a point where you realize that all you have left is your Faith is when God shows up and performs miracles.


Divas I am in love with the new 2016 Lincoln MKC.  This small crossover vehicle is super luxurious, tech rich, powerful and fuel-efficient. So luxe!


The exterior of the 2016 Lincoln MKC is simply gorgeous! It has a new sleek hot design


MKC blends the best traits of a sport crossover with the refinement of a luxury sedan. It begins with the grille framing dramatic HID headlamps with signature LED accents.  This grille is definitely a head turner!  As I drove the vehicle or stopped, people always asked me what type of vehicle I was driving. Nice!


The MKC has a panoramic sun roof that gives both front and back passenger a beautiful view of the sky.  It also has beautiful chrome 20-inch wheels.  In addition, I simply loved the all black exterior and interior of this vehicle.  Simply gorgeous!

Approach Detection With Lincoln Welcome Mat!


As you approach the 2016 Lincoln MKC with your key fob in your hand, purse or pocket the vehicle senses your approach (up to eight feet away) and exterior lighting brightens. Door-handle pockets glow with soft lighting tuned to complement the vehicle’s color. A Lincoln welcome mat illuminates the entrance in front of both the driver and passenger doors. This is the absolute hottest feature of the 2016 Lincoln MKC.  I loved it!


The interior of the 2016 Lincoln MKC is what dreams are made of.  The interior includes premium leather seats.  While driving the Lincoln MKC, I simply melted into the leather seats.  I could also choose to heat the seats when it was chilly or cool down the seats when it was hot.  So there is no need to worry about hot or cold leather seats! Love it!


Another cool feature of the Lincoln MKC interior is that it includes ambient lighting.  You can choose from several different hues to match your mood. Ambient lighting provides seven color choices. Light emits from the front-console cupholders, door-release handles, front and rear footwells and front-door storage pockets.  So hot!


The best feature of the interior (in my opinion) is the active noise control.  Outside noises are greatly diminished with felted wheel wells, pedestal-style door-mounted mirrors that are designed to minimize wind noise, and specially laminated front door and windshield glass that reduces road noise.  The ride was so smooth and luxurious, sometimes I forget I was inside a vehicle.  So plush!

Technology and Performance.

The new Lincoln MKC is full of great technological features!  The one feature I love is the push button start and gear functionality.  Yes, no more gears to shift.  You simply push a button and the Lincoln MKC will automatically shift into Drive, Park, Rear, etc.  So innovative!


Other cool features include:  THX® II Certified Audio System (simply incredible!).  All audio is crisp and perfectly balanced for the most incredible sound experience ever; driver-activated adaptive cruise control (ACC): this cruise control can can detect traffic slowing ahead and automatically slow your car to maintain the preset distance you’ve set; Forward collision warning with brake support, included with ACC, can alert you if it senses a potential collision with the car in front of you.  I loved this feature!  The car would break automatically and send a red flashing light when a vehicle suddenly stopped or slowed down in front of me.  It is the best safety feature I have seen thus far!

IMG_7010 IMG_7009

Other features included:  lane-keeping system to avoid side collisions; park assist for assistance with parallel parking;  SYNC 3 which syncs all of your electronic devices via bluetooth and a pretty accurate navigation system.  The car is also fuel-efficient and comes with Lincoln eco-boost technology.  Lastly the 2016 Lincoln MKC has power with 240-horsepower 2.0L GTDI turbocharged engine with All Wheel Drive.

Lincoln Black Label Experience

As part of my Lincoln MKC experience, I was invited by Lincoln to attend the Empowering Women event at Association of Junior Leagues Annual Convention.  I was able to luxuriate in the Lincoln Black Label Experience and also hear the convention’s keynote address by Mrs. Walls LaNier of the Little Rock Nine.  These Nine students were the first students to integrate public schools thus ending segregation. So historic!


Of course, I arrived to the convention in the Lincoln MKC.


Lincoln as a sponsor of the Association of Junior Leagues Annual Convention, provided attendees with the “Black Label” experience.  This experience included mini-manicures with OPI nail polishes including three signature Lincoln “Black Label” colors; an interactive experience with the the Lincoln digital board that provides a personalized experience that is custom to the customer’s tastes and preferences and complimentary Lincoln Black Label notebooks.

Check out the pictures!

IMG_6840 IMG_6839 IMG_6838 IMG_6836 IMG_6833 IMG_6817


I throughly enjoyed my time with the 2016 Lincoln MKC and the Lincoln Black Label Experience at the Association of Junior Leagues Annual Convention.  Lincoln is luxury redefined!

The new 2016 Lincoln MKC starts at $44,000 and so worth it!


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