Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts from: Bespoke Bijoux at Max & Chloe

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts from: Bespoke Bijoux at Max & Chloe
Valentines Day is just around the corner. Hubby and I do not exchange large gifts. He is in that school of men that find Valentine’s Day to be a “commercial” holiday created by merchants in order to get people to spend. If you know me, no one has to create a holiday in order to entice me to spend. I do agree with Hubby’s assertion that we should celebrate Love everyday and not just February 14th. He will do candy, flowers and the dinner thing, but I have to say, “I would not mind something in a little box every once and full moon,” (notice I didn’t say blue moon, full moons come more frequently.) If he were wanting to surprise me he could choose any of the following, and if he were not around, I would certainly be loving myself with one of the nice picks below. Note: please DO NOT  wait on someone else to love you, love yourself; and here’s a couple of ways how to do just that:
The Avanessi Love Necklace. The word “love” hangs lengthwise from the chain in a simple lowercase script. The chain is 16 inches long with a a 1.25 inch pendant.  The necklace comes in yellow, white and rose gold. I like The Avanessi Love Necklace best because it has some bling, but it is still simple.  It is modern and sleek. The Avanessi Love Necklace  sells for $200.00 atMax and Chloe.
I also like the Avanessi Love Ring. I would probably get the rose gold. I have been wanting rose gold lately. I have been on this pink kick for the past four or five years ( I guess I didn’t get it in when I was young).  So anything pink, including jewelry catches my eye.  The Love ring is 14 karat rose gold with a diamond accent. You can find it at Max and Chloe for $298.00.
I know this sounds cheesy, but the Love at First Sight cuff is sooooo romantic. The 14 karat gold plate cuff has the words “love at first sight” written in braille. Get it? It is as though you are seeing with your heart. Awwww!!!!  You know you like it. The gold plate cuff is 1/4 inch wide, 2 inches in height and 2 1/2 inches in length. It fits “most” wrists. The Erica Anenberg Braille Love at First Sight Cuff at Max and Chloe for  $180.00.
This is the ultimate in cheese.  The West Avenue Jewelry Heart   initial heart necklace has two letters  sandwiched between a heart. Cheesy, but cute! It is the ultimate 80’s. I can imagine someone in stonewashed jeans and a sweater vest with collared shirt and white Reeboks putting the necklace on then sticking her hand in her boyfriend’s back pocket. The pendant is 3/4 inch high and 1 inch long and hangs on a 16 inch chain. It comes in sterling silver, gold-fill or solid 14 karat gold.

The Je T’aime Twosome Ring is another pretty cool and funky way to say, “I love you.” I absolutely love the French language. I studied it for six years because it was so beautiful. Saying, “I love you,” in French, in 14 karat gold plate, across two knuckles is worth 10 dozen roses. The Erica Anenberg Je T’aime Twosome Ring  is available at Max and Chloe for $80.00.
Another funky piece that caught my attention is the Cynthia H Let Love Rule Cuff.  The bracelet is a metal alloy plate with the words  “Let love rule.” The plate is connected to blush colored leather bands anchored by shiny metal links.  If you do not like any of the other cheesy pieces, this  piece has the least cheese yet still conveys the same message. The Let Love Rule Cuff is $50.00 at Max & Chloe.  
Beyonce said it best, “If you liked It then you shoulda put a ring on it,” or a necklace, or a bracelet.. .
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