Hello Divas!

I hope your weekend was wonderful! I usually do not discuss baby fashion, but since I have a little girl, it will probably creep into my posts from time to time.
A good friend, who is an awesome fashion designer, sent my baby girl some very cute and fashionable onesies that she just introduced into her clothing line, Pekuliar Treasures. Well check out the pictures of baby girl and the onesie. Too adorable! I love the fact that these onesies are so unqiue. They are handpainted with cute phrases and the flowers on each onesie is hand sewn. I just love them! And the colors are so vibrant! So ladies if you have little babies or know anyone who has a little one these onesies are a must have. They retail for $8 and come in sizes S (0-3 mos.), M (3-6 mos), L (6-12 mos.). Visit Pekuliar Treasures website here or to place an order by phone contact them at 770-314-0043.



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  1. Soooooooooooooooo pretty!

  2. What a cutie pie! Babynista is right. 😉

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