BB Dakota By Jack: A Blue Dress That Cures The Blues

BB Dakota By Jack: A Blue Dress That Cures The Blues

Cobalt blue might have been the Pantone color two or three years ago, but it really is a beautiful blue that warrants wear even if the color for this year is Honeysuckle or some other orange ( I cannot remember.) It is such a rich blue, anything in cobalt is definitely worth hanging on to. Cobalt is a blue that actually makes me happy; consider it a blue to cure the blues. I am talking true retail therapy, here. Okay, that was cheesy and I digress. I ran across this BB Dakota cobalt blue dress and you know what I said, “I have to have it.” Perfect for early summer, the BB Dakota by Jack Dublin Blue Dress is a mid-thigh length dress with  kaftan sleeves.  The  low slung v-neck leads to buttons that stretch the entire length of  the dress. A belted sash draws attention to the waist and creates a waist where one may not otherwise have been. The dress is sadly unlined but fits true to size. You can find the  BB Dakota by Jack Dublin Blue Dress  at Lulu’sfor $58.00.

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  1. I have been feeling cobalt and royal blue alot lately. It has been making me happy too! LOL!

  2. @Loom, Lids, and Layers I love colbalt blue. So pretty!

  3. I really appreciate this post

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