Beauty Etiquette: Tipping for Beauty Servies

Hello Divas!

I hope you are having an awesome day! I attended a Bridal Shower at a spa this weekend and it was pretty nice. However, my friends and I had a discussion about what is the appropriate tip to give to your service provider when receiving beauty services. These services include hair care, spa treatments, threading, waxing, and nail services. As a general rule, when receiving beauty services the standard tip is 20%. Especially if the service is excellent and you have no complaints. Also if you are a frequent visitor to the salon or spa, giving a standard 20% tip builds good will and perks. So if need to be squeezed in for an appointment, the salon or spa is more likely to fit you in. In addition, your masseuse may give you an extra 5-10 minutes on a massage if you regularly tip 20%. Some people like to leave 18%, which is not standard, but a salon or spa should not put you on the black list for it! lol! Now if the service was just okay or border line so-so, I would tip 15%. No need to tip 20% if you are not thrilled with the service. If you are totally unhappy with the service, then tip 10%. This is generally my rule when tipping. I just hate to not leave anything, even though I am not happy. I figure if I leave 10%, then the service provider knows that I am not happy with the service. However, it is also acceptable not to leave any tip if you are totally unhappy. Just let the owner or manager of the salon or spa know why you are unhappy and did not leave a tip. Lastly, if you are not sure about what amount is appropriate when tipping, discreetly ask the owner or manager of the spa or salon. This will save both you and the beauty establishment awkwardness and embarrassment.



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