Becca Cosmetics Bombara Palette! Life Saver!

Becca Cosmetics Bombara Palette! Life Saver!

Focus on being thankful despite how bad you think things are.  Then you will realize that it is not so bad.

Well who would have thunk it?  I think I lost my make up bag.  It is such an epic tragedy.  I keep hoping it will turn up.  I have called every place I visited and no make up bag.  I am so devastated. Why?  Well for one it was a Harrods make up bag my friend Natasha gifted me.  I mean it traveled all the way from London.  Second, I had all of my latest and greatest make up in the bag. Becca and Mac lip glosses, Lancôme Defencils mascara, a discontinued Lancôme eye pencil in Gold Blaze and about 2 Nars Blushes.  Waah!

Anyhoo, when I discovered the “missing make up bag”, the only make up I had in my purse was my Becca Bombara Palette. Boy did this come in handy.  I was able to create a fresh and glowing that rocked in 10 minutes.  The only thing this little Palette is missing is a tube of Defencils mascara. Oh well, you can’t have everything.  LOL!

The Bombora Palette is gorgeous and contains from left to right: Mai Tai lip gloss, Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme, Mazu highlighting creme, Raffia eyeliner, Sunburst eyeliner.

I applied the Sunburst eyeliner….It was the closest I could get to my beloved Lancome Gold Blaze eye pencil.  I then applied the Mazu highlighting creme to my brow and on the top of my cheek bone.  Next I applied the Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme with my fingertips to the apple of my cheeks.  Lastly, I applied the Mai Tai lip gloss to my lips.  I looked so peachy and natural.  It was a perfect look for a day on the beach, or in my case, a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I love this Palette.  Now I have had it for quite some time, but usually I use the Raffia blue eyeliner and the highlighting creme only.  I really did not think the Mai Tai lip gloss or the Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme would look good on my skin tone.  But Becca has really shocked me with how well the colors work with my skin tone. Fabulous!

I will upload some pics of my face utilizing this gorgeous Palette in a few days.  Don’t worry pics will be coming soon because this is all I am using until my make up bag resurfaces or until I buy more make up. Sigh.


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  1. Okay, see now I would have never thought those colors would work on my skin tone… I need to stretch, like, seriously. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. @Denene

    Thank you for commenting. I need to get around to those pics. Its hard to get a good shot when a 6 year old is taking them. LOL!

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