BECCA Cosmetics: Gorgeous Beauty!

BECCA Cosmetics: Gorgeous Beauty!

Hello Divas!

I am so sorry I have been MIA, but last week was super INTENSE. However God is a miracle worker, and I am thankful!

I have been testing out a new make-up line and I LOVE IT! Have you ever heard of Becca Cosmetics?  Becca Cosmetics is a Australian beauty line started by make-up artist, Rebecca  Morrice Williams.  She created the line to establish the perfect foundation for all skin tones.  Since then, the company has developed a line of beauty products that are gorgeous, multi-faceted and look fabulous on all skin tones.

I was given the opportunity to test out a few standout products from the line.  I was truly blown away by the range of colors and products.  Check them out.


Bombora Palette. This Palette is gorgeous and contains from left to right: Mai Tai lip gloss, Bougainvillea lip and check creme, Mazu highlighting creme, Raffia eyeliner, Sunburst eyeliner.

Brazilian Bronzing Sheen. Ooh la la!

Beach Tint in Raspberry.  The beach tint is used on cheeks and lips. I love multi-use products.

Glossy lip tint in Bellini.  This lip gloss gives crazy shine and it smells like rich caramel. LOVE IT.

What do you think of Becca Cosmetics?  Have you ever used them?  I am loving them so much right now!  I will follow up with some photos of my experience with the products!


Disclaimer:  Becca Cosmetics provided products for review.


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  1. I am avid fan of beach tint raspberry!

  2. I have used Becca for several years and love it . My skin is not dark , more a light olive , so my undertones are more yellow/green than pink/peach. Which almost every under experienced make-up artist would use . I would end up walking out of the department store with eye products, lip sticks & glosses , and the stand by translucent powder. This worked till several years ago . The timely culprit proved to be 35, when I needed to start using a concealer . I at first just went for the standard “light/medium ” of a well known line. The first time I walked out the door, got in my car and did what every girl does ; lowered the visor to check out the my reflection in the natural light. I looked 12 ; in other words a complete novice . I spent the next year and a half trying to find the perfect color concealer/foundation to match my odd color (apparently) ? I finally found Becca on a day , that I wasn’t even beauty shopping ! I walked into a small new boutique in my l town and there it was in all its glory. A spectrum of neutrals ranging from a casper ghost white to the richest of dark browns. Saturated in color , resulting in beautiful color and a product that more than affords the price considering you need so little. I purchased their new primer recently , and like all their other products , I’m loving it too. Do yourself a favor and try BECCA . You can’t regret it cause you will always choose the right color . In my experience , the consultants will try until they get it right.

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