BHLDN and the Advent of Wedding Season

BHLDN and the Advent of Wedding Season

Something old, something new…

A friend put me on to the website BLHDN . Maybe you had heard, but I had not, and boy was I psyched when I gave it a look. Lots of frilly dresses with vintage detailing….right up my alley.  Last year saw me at nine weddings, this year I will only be attending four. I would like to dedicate this blog to the four blushing brides that I know getting married in 2011 as well as all you others out there. BLHDN has a host of vintage accessories for the wedding day, and the wedding night!
Even if it goes unseen, a bride’s shoe is one of the most important accessories of the wedding. Every bride is looking for something spectacular. I love idea of colored shoes for the bride, the blue trend is over.  Please let it die. Why not wear a simple, classy and elegant  white shoe. While clip-ons may seem so Eighties the Festooned Shoe Clips are classic. You may never wear your wedding slipper again, but you certainly should find use for the clip- ons again. The Festooned Shoe Clips are  $ 80.00.
The Forget-Me -Not Garter is so burlesque.. oooooh weeeee! The mesh fabric is adorned with a vintagey glass beads. It is both princessy and sexy without being over the top. Appropriately named the forget-me- not; if anyone gets a peek at it, i doubt they will ever forget. The Forget Me Not Garter sales for  $ 92.00.
Who says anyone should see your something blue. This peach and baby blue ensemble is perfect for the wedding night. The velvet bows at the middle of the breastbone of the Knotted Gamine Bra and top of the waistline of the Knotted Gamine Thong are are soft blue and outline the delicate peach lace. Each piece is also lined in the soft blue-gray.  Rightly so, the pieces are exquistely gamine.
Now for my absolute favorite which is absolutely perfect for the wedding night. You do not necessarily need anything else underneath it, but the Vanity Table Peignor is the perfect cover-up for a negligee. I am thinking of getting one myself. Think Grecian goddess meets Victorian. It is both all in the same. The lovely white soft silk is corseted by tea-stained lace. It is simply glamorous. The Vanity Table Peignor sales for $250.00.
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