BHLDN Fascinates! Fascinator Hats

BHLDN Fascinates! Fascinator Hats
I would like to dedicate this blog to Management, for asking all the right questions:

Everyone knows what is happening Friday, April 29th. It is the Royal Wedding; and while we have not been under British rule for quite some time, that does not stop us from being fascinated with our prim cousins. Notably, there is a growing fascination with the Future Princess and her chic, clean style. She is often times found sporting a hat, as is the custom for the country. It appears that her ladylike style is rubbing off on her American cousins. The growing amusement with hats, particularly fascinators, among a younger demographics has become ever apparent.
A male colleague was intrigued and raised a question that none of the women in the room could answer: Why is it called a fascinator? We could only describe what one was but could not quite relay the origins of the term. If you know why it is called such then please tell me.  A fascinator is an ornate headband which may contain netting, feathers, bows and other embellishments. The fascinator was generally worn in lieu of a hat and and dates to the 19th and 20th centuries.*
BHLDN has several incredibly beautiful and ostentatious fascinators. Though they are listed as headbands on the website, by definition , I believe they would fit the bill to be considered fascinators. The  Magnolia Frame Headband, by Jane Tran is a big bronze flower. Constructed of nylon, cupro, and metal, the Magnolia Headband is handmade in USA and sales for
The Voluminous Silk Headband is a huge bloom of pale pink organza. The headband is also made in the USA by It sales for $130.00.
Now getting into the wedding-wear. BHLDN offers two pieces that are worthy of a Royal Wedding. The Beauregard Headband is a little steep, but certainly worth it. At $550.00, Riche ostrich feathers and velvet ribbon are adorned atop a straw toque. Handmade in the USA by James Coviello’.
The  Velvet Cocktail Hat is also a little steep at $495.00, but it is exquisite!  Rolls of velvet ribbon are trimmed with netting and attached by a metal comb. Also James Coviello, the Velvet Cocktail Hat made in USA.  That’s what I am talking about, homegrown.
Because I have not received my invitation, I will watch the wedding home, cum chapeau, of course. (Smile!)
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  1. The coverage on the fascinator was appropriate considering The Royal Wedding, but it would have been more interesting if there was something like a compare and contrast of Royal Style and Classic American Church Lady Style which included similarities between the two.

  2. Those hats are so neat. There are some cool pictures from the wedding of girls wearing hats even stranger than those! They are interesting, but id don’t have the gut to wear one 😉

  3. @Abornewords Thanks for your comments. Church style hats are the bomb too.

    @carrie. Thanks for reading this blog and your comments. I don’t think it is my style, but I sure want to try one!

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