Bordelle at Asos

Bordelle at Asos
You know my go-to sites for online shopping. There is another one that quickly caught my attention,  and I have not yet had the chance to share the good news with you. Asos is a global site that has a plethora -yes, I pulled out an SAT word- of goodies. The site claims to offer over 50,000 lines and attracts nearly 13 million visitors per month. It is almost exhausting to look at the site. Exhausting in a good way, but scary for those of whose who gave up shopping for Lent.
Asos carries the Bordelle brand of dainties, of which I became a fast fan. On my wish- list right now are the Bodice BraElastic Angela Dress and Waspie. The Bodice Bra has an exposed zipper and  decorative extra large hooks to accent the bondage type design. 

The Angela Dress andWaspie likewise have exposed zippers and suspender clips. 

The particular pieces which I have selected are quite steep for my budget; but if Santa happens to be making rounds soon, say for instance Christmas in July or May or even April, this is what I am seeking. You may think that the bondage inspired trend is so last year, but it is always on-trend for undergarments. I am sure we may even catch some star sporting Bordelle bondage inspired dainties on top instead of underneath. While, I do not intend to share my goodies like that, I find the thought of wearing the intricate elastic detailing quite sexy, so much to the point that I do not think I will need anyone to know what I am wearing in order for them to see that I am a woman who appreciates herself. The Elastic and Mesh Bodice Bra Elastic Angela Dress, and Waspie sell for $358.60,$ 715.41, and $338.88 respectively at Asos.

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