Bug Jewelry at Anthropologie and Modcloth!

Bug Jewelry at Anthropologie and Modcloth!

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Well we made it to Friday! Whoohoo!  I am just looking forward to lying in bed until at least 9am this Saturday morning.  Yes!  All Divas need rest. It replenishes the body and soul.
Chamele has excellent taste!  Don’t you agree?  I love her posts because she is hipping me to some cool and adorable websites to find very creative and distinct items. Sweeet! Check out her latest post on Bug Jewelry.
Are you the kind of girl who isn’t really into snakes and crocs unless its on your hand bag or shoes. Me too! I am not a bug chic either, but I keep running across the most adorable bug jewelry.
I am eyeing or more literally stalking the Sparkling Spider Clip-ons and waiting for the moment the price drops on these babies. These creepy crawlers are made from stainless steel and Murano glass beads, and I would let these suckers crawl on my ear all day long. The Sparkling Spider Clip-ons are $278.00 at Anthropologie. 
I also found a pair of giant gilded gold cicadas. I think what attracted me the most to these was the gilded gold. The suckers look a little real, but who wouldn’t want a bug dipped in gold, right? The Magicicada earrings are $29.99 at Modcloth.
The fierce passionate Scorpio I am, I represent my sign proudly. I  ran across a cute scorpion ring in a magazine. It is sold at 80spurple.com, but when I went to the website I couldn’t find it. So, if you see it, let me know. As much as I don’t like  arachnids or their other family members, I would wear any of this bug jewelry all day long.

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Update!  The Sparkling Spider Earrings are now on sale for $149 at Anthropologie and there are only 5 pairs of the Magicicada earrings left on Modcloth! Happy Shopping!


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