Carol’s Daughter Coconut & Rose Sea Salt Scrub!

Carol’s Daughter Coconut & Rose Sea Salt Scrub!

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Carol’s Daughter body scrubs are the bomb diggity! And I sincerely mean that.  They are made with sea salt and other all natural ingredients that will have your skin moisturized, glowing, and smelling yummy.  Around the holidays, I purchased an Almond Cookie Fragrance and the cashier gave me a small bottle of the Coconut & Rose Sea Salt Scrub.  I didn’t officially break it out until my beach vacation because of course I needed to exfoliate so I could achieve a smooth pretty tan.  And I am now officially hooked!  First of all the smell is just simply intoxicating.  The coconut and rose together is heavenly.  The smell quickly fills up my shower and bathroom and it is so aromatherapeutic!  The sea salt is very coarse and exfoliates skin perfectly.  You do not have to scrub as hard to remove the dead skin.  A gentle massaging motion is all you need.  Also the body scrubs contain jojoba, avocado and wheat germ oil. These ingredients make your skin so soft and smooth, you will be amazed.

I need another jar of the Coconut & Rose Sea Salt Body Scrub but it is not available on the website.  I think Carol’s Daughter was testing the product and it may not officially be on the market.  But I hope it makes a debut soon.  However, my favorite Carol’s Daughter fragrance, Almond Cookie, comes in a sea salt body scrub and I can’t wait to try it.



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  1. Rose Dead Sea Bath Salt made from Dead Sea Salts and Rose Essential oils.Thanks for sharing this product. It is great!.:)

  2. im stuck on this scent and regret not buying more… i miss this scent

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