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Luxetips’ Best of 2010 Holiday List!

Hello Divas! So just like everyone else, I have a list of beauty and fashion products that rocked my world in 2010.  These are products I have worn out and will forever hold dear to my heart.  These products are so reflective of the Luxetips Lifestyle, that they had to…

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Win a tube of Lancôme’s New Mascara! Définicils Precious Cells

Hello Divas! I hope life is treating you fabulously! When I received the news about Lancôme’s new Mascara, Définicils Precious Cells, I was jumping for joy! Literally.  Especially when I realized the new Mascara is an amazing enhancement to Lancôme’s all time best Mascara, Définicils.  I discovered Lancôme because of…

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