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Luxetips Automobiles! Atlanta Motorsports Park Holiday Gift Specials

Hello Divas! Life can sometimes be short and fleeting.  So always forgive, make amends, tell someone you love them, and just walk in love. My favorite Southeast Formula One race track, Atlanta Motorsports Park, is currently promoting some pretty cool gift specials for the Holidays.  Per my previous post on…

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Luxetips Automobiles! New 2013 Acura TL Sedan: Luxury, Technology, Precision

Hello Divas! Be gracious, be thankful and watch blessings flow. Recently I had the opportunity to test drive a new 2013 Acura TL sedan and let me tell you I was blown away.  Now I do own an Acura….MDX (SUV), so driving the sporty, powerful and super fast TL was…

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Luxetips Automobiles: Fisker Karma: The World’s First Eco Chic Sportscar

Hello Divas: Life is fleeting. So don’t hold grudges, tell people you love them everyday, and make an effort to be happy. Recently I had an amazing opportunity to visit the new Fisker Atlanta dealership and take a spin in the Fisker Karma, a beautiful first ever four door Eco-friendly…

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