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Luxetips Beauty! Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil

Hello Divas! Sharing your struggles and how you have overcome them are blessings to give others hope and faith. I have a new scent I am rocking when I am not wearing my signature scent: Lavanila’s Forever Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Grapefruit. I love the contrast of the citrus with the musk…

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Postcard from Paris: Fragonard

The French certainly know how to take care of themselves. The vast array of beauty care products and fragrant parfums produced in France are testament to that fact. I had the opportunity to briefly visit the Fragonard perfume museum just off of  the Rue di Rivoli.  The Fragonard name is synonymous with French Country. Upon entering the Montmarte…

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Poule de Luxe Vanilla Fruit Sorbet Solid Parfum

Hello Divas! Life is beautiful so lets enjoy it! Recently I have become fascinated with solid parfums! They travel well, are compact, and so convenient to use. And because they are solid parfums, the scent is insanely intense. During Fashion Week, I attended a beauty blogger tweet-up and a representative…

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