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Luxetips Style: Vintage Structured Clutch from Value Village Thrift Stores

Hello Divas: I was telling this story on Twitter about how my Mom and Aunt would take us kids to the thrift store to buy clothes. They both had 5 kids each and they would force us to go thrifting to get school clothes.  We hated it.  But guess what?…

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Luxetips Style! Forever 21 & Nordstrom Colorblocked Clutches

Last year’s colorblocking trend is as strong as ever, but this time with accessories. If you are still not sure (and we hope that you are comfortable with it by now) how  to or whether to  attempt colorblocking, try adding some of these colorblock accessories to your wardrobe. The Forever 21 XL…

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Luxetips Style! New Hayden-Harnett Kitana Hobo and Shoulder Bags

Hello Divas! One of my favorite luxe brands, Hayden-Harnett, has debuted new Kitana Shoulder Bag and they are in beautiful Spring colors. Here are some of my favorites! Mint green. Rose. Ruby. Kitana Shoulder Bags retails for $398. Gorgeous!  You can purchase it online here with free shipping. Toodles!

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