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Luxetips Travel: London Hotels The Draycott Hotel and Ellenborough Park Announce Royal Babymoon Getaway for Expectant Parents

Hello Divas! Many days I just want to give up and quit.  I admit I get tired. But then I think about how short life is and any life worth living is doing what makes you happy and at least trying. So I get up another day to fight. The…

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Hello Divas: Before entering a relationship, be sure you are healthy emotionally, mentally, financially, etc.  No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is broken. You all know I am a sucker for luxe hotels.  So, if you are hanging out in Europe anytime soon and hop…

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Luxetips Travel: Loews Hotel Santa Monica Beach

Hello Divas! You only have one life to live.  Live the life you want! I love Loews Hotel…especially the properties near the water.  The accommodations are luxe, the service impeccable, and the amenities are superb. I had the privilege of staying at the Loews South Beach Miami property and it was…

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Luxetips Travel! Florida Bound: Renaissance World Golf Village Resort and Beach Club St. Augustine, FL

Hello Divas! As my Mom would say: sometimes you just have to shrug, dust your shoulders off and keep moving. Wisdom. I am itching to get some higher temperatures and some sun in a bad way.   I keep dreaming of blue blue skies, the bright sun and glorious beaches….

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