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Luxetips Travel! Celebrate Valentine’s Day The Downtown Abbey Way at The Draycott Hotel London

Hello Divas! Don’t be afraid to fall in love.  Whether it works out or not, the euphoria of being in love is worth it every time. Speaking of love, Valentine’s Day is officially one month away and the Valentine’s Day deals and specials are rolling in.  I personally like the…

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Luxetips Automobiles: Hit The Road This Valentine’s Day Weekend With Ford Fusion

Hello Divas: Life is good. Enjoy it. Ford has a pretty cool Valentine’s Day Weekend/Ford Fusion promotion that is quite unique.  You and your sweetie can keep the Valentine’s celebration going by taking a road trip in the new Ford Fusion.  I love taking road trips via solo or with…

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Luxetips: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas: STK Atlanta, Cucina Asellina, Bath and Body Works, and More

Hello Divas: One of my favorite comedians said it best, if you don’t believe you are the bomb (he actually used another word), nobody else will either. Believe in yourself and that you are great and everyone else will fall in line. Okay Divas and Fellas, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow,…

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Luxetips Beauty! Aveda Valentine’s Day Pampering Goodies for Him and Her!

Hello Divas! When everything seems grim and nothing is going your way and you want to give up, that is when you have to dig in and Believe! Have Faith and don’t give up. It will turn around. Aveda products are fabulous! And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Aveda…

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Luxetips! Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hello Divas!Where there is fear, there is no love.Well Valentine’s Day is upon us.  I love Valentine’sDay.  It was a big celebration in my house growing up and it is a big deal for me and the luxe kids. Love.If you are still trying to figure out what to get…

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Luxetips Travel: Valentine’s Day at The Del

Hello Divas! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you love birds better start securing those V-Day plans now.  You know all the good reservations and events always sell out fast! If you are in San Diego, or if you “have it like that” and want to take a romantic Valentine’s…

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Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts from: Bespoke Bijoux at Max & Chloe

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Hubby and I do not exchange large gifts. He is in that school of men that find Valentine’s Day to be a “commercial” holiday created by merchants in order to get people to spend. If you know me, no one has to create a holiday in order…

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Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

Hello Divas! Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day! Ladies I know most of you are getting ready for the big day! Today I am going to the hair and nail salon! Whoohoo! In celebration of this all important holiday, here a few must haves every Diva should have on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy! 1….

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