Chanel Coco Rouge Noir Lipstick: Diva Red!

Chanel Coco Rouge Noir Lipstick: Diva Red!

Hello Divas!
I hope your week has started wonderfully! I saw a bumper sticker and I have to get it. It states: Life is Good! And it is!
For the next 30 day, my luxetips writer, Chamele, will give you guys her best 30 beauty and fashion tips to celebrate her 30th birthday.  She is a diva and has the best tips, so sit back and enjoy!
Hey Luxe Divas! It’s Chamele, the Luxe Shopaholic at her best.
I am 30 days out from my 30th birthday, and  I am trying to make piece with that fact by centering positive activities around the number. Everything I am doing in the next month centers around the number 30 – 30 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of reading my Bible, and  LuxeDiva has allowed me to do the next 30 posts. I am psyched about this. The next 30 posts will center around my ultimate birthday wish list, including but not limited to beauty products. Hopefully, I can help you score some good deals and indulge yourselves a bit.
First on my list is the Coco Rouge Noir  lipstick. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this past August, and I found myself in Bloomies shopping for a new face. Ha! The lovely Pamela Pimpleton assisted me. I told her I was interested in the Coco Rouge lipstick (as I had never purchased any Chanel makeup. Shame.). Boy was I excited. Yes, I had found a comparable color at a slightly less expensive price (Revlon 015 Grape), but nothing beat the moisture packed into that 3 inch tube of Coco Rouge. The lipstick felt like butter going on my lips. My lips are rather full; thus, I at this time of year I need as much moisture as I can muster.
I also like the richness of color in the Rouge Noir. It is a deep plum, a very popular color for lips this fall. Rouge Noir is a glam color that gives an old Hollywood feel to your nightwear and when used sparingly and amped up with a little gloss can be flaunted during the day as well.  I am looking forward to wearing mine with a full skirted halter dress to a my  friend’s upcoming fall wedding.
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  2. Where my lips is feeling pale, I usually use this lipstick it’s fantastic.

  3. @temptu Hello! Thanks for commenting! I hear it is the bomb! I can’t wait to get my hand on this myself.

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