Chartreuse Yellow: Francesca’s and Anthropolgie

Chartreuse Yellow: Francesca’s and Anthropolgie
My color of the month is chartreuse yellow. According to Wikipedia there is a chartreuse green and a chartreuse yellow. I thought chartreuse was simply chartreuse, a mix of green and yellow, but apparently there is a yellow mix of green and yellow and a green mix of green and yellow. The yellow version is my new fave!
I purchased the Evening Rememberance Cardi at Christmas and it is a sure thing! Paired with black tights and my brown Frye Jane boots, the cardigan gives a professional look to comfort. I have received several compliments on the color, but it is actually the cute gold buttons that give the sweater its aesthetic appeal.  Unfortunately the Evening Remeberance Cardi is currently out of stock at Francesca’s Collections.
I also found the Squeezebox Top a comfortable short- sleeved cotton knit, with perfectly crafted ruffles along the front of the shirt. The cotton is incredibly soft and comfy, not to mention light. You can find the Squeezebox Top at Anthropologie for $48.00, and if chartreuse does not quite ring with you, the Squeezebox also comes in white, navy, and aqua.
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