Chinese Laundry: Avona Boot!

Chinese Laundry: Avona Boot!

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Chamele is back with the perfect short fall boots!  Did someone say distressed blue is the new “hot” neutral?  Check it out!

Day 23

I have been on the hunt for some chic blue suede boots. “Why blue suede,” you ask?  I have no idea. Sometimes, I have these feelings of whimsy that come and go. I get inspired. What can say? I was thinking of an over-the-knee boot in an inky midnight with a cone heel and round toe. Unfortunately, I have not found that exact match. I did however find a cute pair of Chinese Laundry denim colored mid-calf boots perfect for fall weather.

The Chinese Laundry Avona comes in ink blue distressed color, a blue that is gray enough to become a neutral accessory. (Remember last season’s neutral was pale pink. Just add a little white or a little black and you have your new neutral.  I will leave the lesson in color theory for another day.) It has a cone heel and is not too high that it can’t accompany a day look.  The boot has a slight slouch that would look great paired over dark leggings and a tunic top. The Chinese Laundry Avona can be found at Zappos for 129.95 in the ink blue distressed shown above and in : mauve distressed, stone distressed and black suede.
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