Clarisonic Plus: Week 2 & 3

Clarisonic Plus: Week 2 & 3

Hello Divas!

Life is beautiful! So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Well it has been three weeks now since I have been using the Clarisonic Plus.  Sorry I missed last week’s post about the Clarisonic Plus.  I was running around like a crazy person and barely made it through the week. Whew!

But I have still been using my Clarisonic Plus day and night.  So here are my pros and cons:


My skin is brighter and smoother.  Also my blackhead blemishes seem to be fading fast.  They are less evident.  The body brush is phenemenol.  It has definitely improved my skin tone on my chest, back and elbows.  I have recently started using it on the back of my ankles.  I have some discoloration in that area due to my excessive wear of 4 inch pumps.


The Clarisonic brand facial cleansers are not a go.  First, the gel cleanser for oily skin, broke me out something fierce.  So I decided to use the gentle cleanser for sensitive skin and it does not lather…at all.  I am so not a fan of non-lathering facial cleansers.  I always feel like my skin is still dirty after using them.  I though about using the nourishing care cleanser for normal skin, but decided not to take any chances and just use my own cleanser.  Now that I am using my cleanser, I am much happier.  No breakouts!

So in conclusion, the Clarisonic Plus is still performing miracles on my skin.  The Clarisonic brand facial products are not working for me. 

Check back next week for my week 4 update!


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