Clarisonic Plus: Week One

Clarisonic Plus: Week One

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Always have hope!  Remember as long as you are trying and living, your situation can always become better.

Well after wanting a Clarisonic for 2 whole years, I now have two! Who would have thunk it? I won the new blue Clarisonic Mia on Twitter.  Yes, I follow Clarisonic on Twitter and they are always giving away Clarisonics by hosting cool contests.  Love how Clarisonic is using social media to get awareness for their brand.  Then, Clarisonic offered to let me test the Clarisonic Plus.  I tell you, when you put something out in the Universe, somehow it just comes to you.  Yeah!

So, the Clarisonic Plus comes with two brush heads.  One for the face and one for the body.

Face Brush

The face brush can be set at 3 settings: low, normal and high.  I have been using the normal setting because I have problem skin.  The high setting is recommended for the decollete.  Also the Clarisonic Plus comes with a Body brush.  This brush is to be used for targeted areas of the body.  I have been using it for my knees, elbows, and back.

 Body Brush

The Clarisonic Plus also includes Clarisonic’s own line of facial products.  There are 3 types of cleansers for sensitive, normal, and oily skin.  And there is a body polisher to be used with the body brush head.  The polisher contains micro beads that really removes dead skins and makes your body parts baby smooth.

Lastly, the system comes with a charger.  

I have been using the Clarisonic Plus for one week and I am enjoying it.  I use it twice a day, morning and evening and my face is smoother and brighter.  When I use my toner, I barely see any excess dirt on the cotton pad.  Usually, I can fill up a cotton pad with excess dirt after washing my face.

Also, I like that the Clarisonic Plus comes with detailed instructions on how to use the product.  The product is programmed so the user utilizes it exactly as it should.  For example, the face brush is designed to clean your face for one minute.  So you spend 20 seconds on your forehead, moving the brush in round circles.  After the 20 seconds is up, the brush stops and prompts you to move the brush to your T-Zone (nose and chin), the brush stops again and prompts you to spend 10 seconds on each cheek.  After one minute, the Clarisonic promptly shuts down! Genius, Genius, Genius!  The body brush is also programmed for optimal results.  It will run for 3 minutes and you can use it in constant mode or pulse mode to really hit a problem area!

The body brush head should be used for targeted areas.  My friend Natasha has one and she swears the brush has lifted layers of dark skin from her elbows! Amazing.  I have been using it on my elbows, knees and back.  So far so good. I will let you know how it turns out.


I believe the facial cleanser is breaking me out.  I have very sensitive skin and I will try the Clarisonic cleanser for sensitive skin or go back to my own cleanser. 

After one week of use, I am pleased with the product.  Check back on this blog weekly and read my Clarisonic Plus diary posts.  I am documenting this journey!

The Clarisonic Plus retails for $225 and you can purchase it online here or at any Sephora. Steep but worth it.  Women claims it is a life changer and I am beginning to believe it.


Disclaimer:  The Clarisonic Plus was provided courtesy of Clarisonic. However my opinion is 100% true and solely mine.


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