Coconut Pearl Cover-Up at Anthropologie

Coconut Pearl Cover-Up at Anthropologie

Oh Summer, you just can’t get here fast enough, can you? This time of year always has me dreaming of tropics. I am hoping that my next beach vacation is outside of the Caribbean. I am thinking Tahiti, so that  I can walk the same sands as Gauguin. I have the perfect cover-up to wear while I sip Tahiti Drinks.  Anthropologie’s Coconut Pearl Cover-up  is purported to be manufactured in a distinct fashion so that the cover-up never loses its true form. Because the cover-up is an on-line exclusive, I could not visit the store to put it to the test, and I doubt that a visit to the store would be enough to determine the veracity of such a statement. In either case, the cover-up is certainly dreamy enough to make me purchase regardless of any truth or untruth. Besides anything with the word “coconut” in the title and sold by my absolute favorite has to be good, right? The Coconut Pearl Cover-up is sold at Anthropologie for  $138.00.

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  1. Yeah!!! I hope I’m not too late! I’m so excited about winning. What info do you need from me to claim my prize? Thank you! Robin F

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