Color Blocking With Zara!

Color Blocking With Zara!

Let me start this post by saying that I am overjoyed at Zara's decision to sell online in the U.S. The skies opened and rays of sunshine poured out from heaven when I read about it. September 7th is marked in my calendar!


Someone complimented me on my color blocking. I didn't even realize that is what I had done. I just wanted to wear my new blue skirt with my tangerine blouse. From what I have been reading though, it seems there is some hesitancy on how to colorblock. My advice- the only rules there are the ones you set. Do what comes natural. Pair a solid bottom with a solid top and there you have it. If you are wary of color stick to two colors or a monochromatic color scheme using shades or tones of the same palette.


Maybe a little lesson in color theory can help you with your pairings:

Primaries-Red, yellow, and blue are primaries. Any combination of these colors would work. Unless one of those is not your color, in which case you may still wear the color, just try that one on the bottom. Some options: a yellow top with blue skirt; yellow top with red shorts.

Secondaries- a mix of two primary colors i.e. purple, orange and green. Try orange and purple together or with a primary color. For example mix: purple and red, blue and green, or acid yellow and lime green.

Tertiaries- a mix of a primary and a secondary i.e. red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, red-purple, blue-purple. Fun stuff, eh?! Try a yellow-orange top with  blue-purple bottom or red-orange top with  red-purple bottom.

Compliments- Those are the colors directly opposite on the color wheel. … Maybe I will save that tutorial for later, just know that compliments i.e. blue and orange work well together as do a compliment with one of its neighboring split compliments. 


My favorite colors to colorblock right now are tangerine and purple. Check out Zara’s Tangerine Collar Gathered Blouse for $59.90 and Purple Skirt with Zip Pockets for $49.90.


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