Conversation with Titi and Miko: Owners of Miss Jessie’s

Conversation with Titi and Miko: Owners of Miss Jessie’s

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is fantabulous! This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet and briefly interview the owners of Miss Jessie’s Hair Products. Titi, Miko, and their team were in Atlanta at Curltopia salon, to give FREE hair consultations and recommend products to their loyal fans! Although I had yet to try their products, I knew the Miss Jessie’s story and was eager to meet this dynamic sister business team. Titi and Miko started the company in honor of their grandmother, Miss Jessie. Since the early 90s, both sisters have been specializing in caring for naturally curly, mixed texture, and kinky hair. Their natural hair care products have developed a cult following and are very effective in enhancing the curl in all hair textures. I ventured out to Curltopia with luxe baby to meet Titi and Miko in person. I heard the Baby Buttercream would be great for luxe baby’s hair.

When I arrived at Curltopia, there was a line, but it was moving expeditiously. I introduced myself to a Curltopia staff person and was whisked in. When I entered the salon, I was very very impressed with the decor. It is very spacious, inviting, and beautifully decorated! There are ample hair stations and all the staff were personable and very courteous.

I spoke to Trish the salon manager and she made sure I got an opportunity to speak with Titi and Miko. I first met Titi. I asked her to assess luxe baby’s hair and to please give me some styling suggestions. She said I should use the Baby Buttercream and do a simple coil out. This technique includes taking your index finger and rolling the hair until it coils. Titi actually coiled a section of luxe baby’s hair! Thank goodness luxe baby did not show out! lol!

I then asked Titi what was her number one suggestion for healthy curly or kinky hair. She said to “make sure you get your hair trimmed twice a year and to keep the hair moisturized. She said naturally curly or kinky hair tends to dry out, so to avoid breakage, it must stay moisturized.” I then asked Titi what was the one product she used most on her client’s hair. She said “the Baby Buttercream. It is light and works with all hair textures!”

Titi graciously agreed to take a picture with me and luxe baby.

I then met Miko and was able to get a picture of the sisters together. They are just too beautiful and fabulous!

Miss Jessie’s offer a range of hair care products for different hair textures and to achieve different curls or styles. Check out their list of products here. I did purchase the Baby Buttercream and so far so good! Even the hubby has commented on how cute luxe baby hair looks!

Divas if you live in the Atlanta area make sure you visit Curltopia. They specialize in all hair types. They service natural styles (2 strand twists, coils), blow outs, presses, and relaxers. They also provide hair cuts and coloring services. Visit their website here for more details!



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7 Responses to “Conversation with Titi and Miko: Owners of Miss Jessie’s”

  1. Girl – Thank you for the post on Miss Jessies’ owners. I have been lukewarm about their products because I’ve always thought they were for hair with looser curl patterns. I was disappointed with the curly pudding product, but I was still so new to managing my natural hair at the time. It may be time to try another product so I’ll give baby buttercreme a try.

    BTW – Great job with the blog!!! I’ve added it to my favorites and I visit each day.

    Will call you later – Nwando

  2. i have a few friends who go to curltopia…and i started my BF on miss jessie’s products!

  3. Ms. Latoicha…I can not wait to try the Baby Buttercream. We do not have Miss Jessie/Curltopia in Los Angeles so I am so glad that I was able to order product online. Can’t wait to compare it with Hair Milk from Carol’s Daughter store. Thanks!

  4. To Wando: Thank you so much for reading Luxe Tips! I think you will really like the Baby Buttercream. Please call me. We need to catch up.

    To Ren Ren: Hey girly! I really like the salon. Very posh. Miss Jessie’s is the bomb!

    To Cindy: Hello Beautiful. The Baby Buttercream will work beautifully for Ms. J. Give her a hug and kiss for me!

  5. Miss Jessies Salon WARNING!!! The “Silkener” which Miko claimed she created is in fact AFFIRM PERM you can buy this product cheaper online or in a beauty supply. Do not spend your hard earned money, these ladies are a fraud. Stay away from Miss Jessies Salon! My hair is a mess $375.00 dollars later plus they charged me tax. In return I got a bottle of water and crackers.

  6. I second that Miss Jessies is a fraud as far as the silkener is concern. After going there two times and getting the silkener, I can tell you without a doubt that the silkener is nothing more then a texturizer if not worse. I was told that I could grow out the silkener and my hair would not fall out..what a lie. I now have to cut off all of my hair after transitioning to natural for two years. In my opinion the silkener is not good for 4c hair type. Save your time, money and agony..stay away. Furthermore, it is absolutely ridiculous that they do not disclose the ingredients in the silkener.

  7. I recently visited Curltopia as well. Giselle is awesome!! My hair was quite dry and damaged but she brought it back to life. We took about 4-5 inches off. It made a huge difference! The curly meringue is MY lifesaver!! The baby butter creme is great as well. My son (loc maintenance) and I (natural) both patronize Curltopia. WE LOVE IT!

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