Cool Drugstore Find

Cool Drugstore Find

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is fantabulous! If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I love shopping for beauty products at CVS as much as I love Sephora. My love of beauty products started when I was a tween and became aware of the beauty section at my local drugstore. I would browse the section, picking up enticing products wanting to try each and every one. Well Divas, I still do the same thing today and I love it! I can try out new products without worrying about breaking the bank. Which brings me to my hot drugstore find of the week! This is a new weekly post I am starting for my college students and women on a budget!

I have been wanting to try a smokey eye eyeshadow trio, but did not want to pay top dollar in case I did not like it. So I discovered that Cover Girl has a smokey eye shadow trio that is just too fab! Curtain Call is the name of the eye trio and it contains a dark grey color “Lights Out,” a powderly blue color, “Silver Screened,” and a brow bone highlighter,”Spark.” The trio gave me a nice smokey eye that is not too dramatic, but still sultry and sexy. And guess what ladies, It retails for $4.93, but I purchased it for $2.50! It was 50% off! CVS always has sales! Whoohoo! Remember to set this eyeshadow with foundation or primer, because without a proper base, it will not last, but for the price it is so worth it!

What is your hot drugstore find?


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