Current Facial Routine: Avon Gold Elmusion and Perricone MD

Current Facial Routine: Avon Gold Elmusion and Perricone MD

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Saturday I went to a good friend’s baby shower this weekend at The Original Chocolate Bar in Downtown Atlanta.  This place is insanely fabulous! But I digress. One of my friend’s remarked on how good my skin looked. And you know I took a second look and it does look pretty good. Why?  Well for the past two months, I have been attacking my hyperpigmentation issues.  I have been using Perricone MD Pigment Corrective Moisturizer in the a.m and I am using Avon’s Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion at night.

I was given the opportunity from the folks at Perricone MD to try their Pigment Corrective treatment.  I had been using Perricone MD’s Pigment Corrective for a while and had not noticed any improvement with discoloration.   However, the moisturizer did make my skin texture smooth and it works as a great primer for my make-up. I mean my make-up goes on like a dream.

I started using the Avon Gold Elmusion Ultimate Night treatment a month later.  I had been sent the treatment to try and had not used it.  But after doing research on treatments for anti-aging and hyper-pigmentation, this treatment kept getting rave reviews.  Users of Gold Emulsion kept singing its praises!  They loved how fast it worked and how well it improved their skintone.  So I gave it a try and boy I am happy I did!  This treatment is a gel and it quickly absorbs into your skin.  When applying Gold Emulsion, my face starts to tingle and I imagine that this tingle signifies that it is working its magic.  After two months of use, my skin is fuller and so smooth.  My face feels so supple and full of moisture.  Also, my hyper-pigmentation is almost gone.  I really do not need to use foundation.  I still use a teeny bit to cover new dark marks I have created from picking blackheads. Bad habit of mine.

Anyhoo, my new facial routine has resulted in great skin and I am elated!  Avon’s Gold Emulsion regularly sales for $34 but it is now on sale for $29.  Divas if you purchase a treatment like this at any Department store or Sephora, you would spend $75 plus! What an amazing deal! And I promise you I am not just saying that because it was free. This stuff really is like Gold. It works. Do some research yourself.  Dr. Perricone’s Pigment Corrective Moisturizer retails for $95. Yes very steep. Do I think it is worth the price. NO. (See I am being honest and I did receive this for free also! LOL!) Although it is great, you can find something less expensive that works a bit faster.

Do you have a new product you are using that you love and want to share? Please do tell. I am a product junkie! LOL!

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  1. I may need to investigate the Avon Gold Emulsion, sounds lovely! Taking a pass on Dr. Perricone’s $95! : )

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