Day 1: Aurelie Bidermann Jewelry

Day 1: Aurelie Bidermann Jewelry

Hello Divas!
Well we are wrapping up our 30 days of Luxetips!  It has been a blast!  Chamele is awesome and we hope to see her return very soon.  Next up, is Luxetips’ “Best of 2010” beauty and fashion products.  Yes these are great items I loved and wore out this year. And guess what?  You will get an opportunity to win some of the items from my “Best of 2010” List!  Woot!  So check back in tomorrow to win big! 
Cuff ’em Dano!
I saw an awesome gilded gold lace cuff in a fashion magazine recently. It is the kind of piece that screams Grecian Goddess. I already know which pieces I would wear it with- a one-shoulder turquoise jersey dress or a sleeveless black silk jumper. You get the picture.  In my mind, I already own the cuff.  On my hunt for a cheaper version, I ran across what else but a more expensive version.  However, the price was not that off-putting because the Aurelie Bidermann cuffs are such exquisite works of art made from real lace.  One dipped in 18 karat gold and the other dipped in blackened silver.  
The 18-karat gold cuff makes you think your face would launch a thousand ships, while the Blackened Silver Cuff is equal parts glam and edgy.  
I could see Heidi Klum and Marilyn Manson in it alike.  Aurelie Bidermann’s lace cuffs are priced at $1890.00 on Net-a-porter and are in such high demand, they are currently unavailable. However, rings from the same line of dipped cotton lace are available for $460.00. If ever you wanted to be cuffed… .
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  1. So lovely and elegant, what will I look like if I wear this.

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