Day 10: Military Boots

Day 10: Military Boots

March on!

Military inspired boots are another popular trend this season and likely to last several more seasons. I have a variety of boots in my closet but only one pair of  edgy ones- a flat pair of synthetic motorcycle boots with pockets on the side and a belt across the base running from the inside sole to the base of the ankle.  Just to give you a picture…
The Vince Camuto Fantasa would be the perfect addition to my boot collection because they are entirely different from anything that I currently own. The round toe, lace-up would add some flair to my otherwise soft style.
I spotted the Vince Camuto Fantasa  boots in an advertisement a couple of months ago; and ever since then, I have imagined wearing them with my skinny jeans and dainty tops.  The Vince Camuto boots may be purchased at in black and in dark brown at
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  1. Love Love Love Vince Camuto! My new favorite designer 🙂 Check out my other favorites at

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