Day 12: The Statement Cocktail Ring

Day 12: The Statement Cocktail Ring

Hello Divas!

Yesterday, I asked what were you thankful for?  Well let me tell you a few things I am thankful for: a nice home for shelter, transportation, food, clothing and shoes for myself and my kids, good health and more importantly Life.  We take this things for granted, but in other parts of the world, people do not have the basics. The basics.  So we need to be so grateful and thankful to have the basics.

Chamele, thinks we all should have that one statement cocktail ring and I agree. Enjoy!

While flipping through one of my favorite fashion magazines, I ran across the website Made Her Thinkan online jewelry site with some edgy flavor. For the last year, the designers have had me thinking about two rings in particular. Only one is shown below but both are very similar. Constructed from brass and glass beads, the Siren Knuckle Buster  extends a half length of a finger or about 5 cm. The other knuckle buster is the same brass and glass bead construction but instead of extending vertically, that one extends horizontally across two fingers.

I rarely purchase jewelry, but these statement pieces would give edge to my somewhat romantic preppy style.  As a stylist, I find the best way to personalize your style is to add a touch of another style. For example, if you usually wear a classic preppy attire, add a little edge with some funky suede booties, and replace the regular laces with a fun grosgrain ribbon.   You break up the feeling of being too matchy-matchy or too costumey, you stretch your style, and you may even put some extra pep in your step.

Although the Made Her Think store is currently under reconstruction, you can find the Sire Knuckle Buster at Max and Chloe for $88.00!
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