Day 15: Sequins by Alice + Olivia

Day 15: Sequins by Alice + Olivia

Hello Divas!

I had a rough day today. Luxe baby was sick (vomiting everywhere), my tire may need replacing, and I did not get any work done. But I kept thanking God for all of my blessing because it could have been much worse.
So Chamele is back! Yeah!  Day 15 involves sequins.  Sequins are hot this season.  I saw the cutest sequin beret in Target. I must have it!

Day 15

So, I have discussed several possibilities for the official birthday dress, but I can hardly choose with so many cute options and without knowledge of the festivities (a little bird told me there was some planning going on but failed to mention the dress code.) Besides, you can have more than one birthday outfit, right? I may end up going out to several small celebrations instead of one big bash, so I would need several “small” outfits. Yes?  I am obviously stretching here. 
I really need a reason to where this  Alice + Olivia  Sequined  T shirt Dress before New Years. Sequins are a big hit again, and this sleeveless number is a pretty penny or more like 49,500 pretty pennies. The Alice + Olivia Sequined T shirt Dress is a sleeveless dress with a round neckline. There is seaming at the natural waist, creating a waist where one may not otherwise be (if you get my hint. I love clothes that make me look like I have more or less than I have… when the less and more are in the appropriate places.) There is an open slit down the back with button closure at the neckline. Hmm… open slits. If you caught a glimpse of the Effervescent Evening Dress, you might like this one too!
In the alternative, I am considering the Aidan Max One Shoulder Gold Sequined dress. It has a much more likeable price. The dress has a straight skirt with much needed built-in cups. The bias cut and  draped bodice allow for . The Aidan Max One Shoulder Sequined Dress is $295.00 at Bloomingdale’s.
On a recent trip to JCrew, I ran across the Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt.  JCrew offers a mesh gold sequined skirt that will probably provide more versatility than a full dress at half the price.  The Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt  is  a full skirt with elastic waistband, allowing for its owner to wear alone, belted, high-waisted or on the natural waistline. The price is originally $138.00 but is on sale now for $79.99. Scorrrrrre!
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